Get Energized: Find the Cheapest Energy Company for You

Between finding a room, buying study books, and arranging health care, finding an energy supplier is probably one of the last things you feel like taking care of. The websites are in Dutch and it feels like there are a million options to consider. But energy is important because it's what lets you heat your house, study in the wee hours of the night, or throw an epic party. Either way, you need energy, and it's a shame to pay too much for it. College Life recognizes that you should be spending hours surfing the web for other things, like cool parties and travel destinations near your new study location. We've found one of the cheapest energy company for you, and you can sign up in 5 minutes.

With the cheapest energy company, be smart...

...with your money

UnitedConsumers is a company that offers energy (electricity and gas) at unique competitive prices. How? They provide consumers discounts offered nowhere else. UnitedConsumers purchases energy from a supplier in bulk and therefore gets unique discounts on this energy. When UnitedConsumers offers this energy service to you, it is able to offer you some of that discount. This means that their price levels are very competitive.

This is money that you can and should be saving for other exciting things, unlike your energy bill.

...with the environment

There are many types of energy in the Netherlands, like water, wind, coal, or natural gas. The Netherlands is one of the most advanced countries in terms of sustainable energy use. Therefore, you can choose between green energy and traditional energy. UnitedConsumers recognizes the importance of using green energy to help you decrease your carbon footprint. This means that you'll be saving yourself money and helping the environment by joining UnitedConsumers.

You've got energy, how about water?

Water is handled differently than energy in the Netherlands. Water is provided by one company per large city or province, and therefore needs to be arranged separately from your energy provider. This makes your life easier because you don't need to search around for a cheap water supplier like you have to for a cheap energy supplier. These companies are also all closely monitored by the government so you're not going to be overcharged.

What now?

If you're already with another energy company, no worries; UnitedConsumers will pay for the costs of terminating your contract there. If you don't already have an energy company then don't wait or hesitate a minute longer.

Sign up for UnitedConsumers green budget energy today.


Check out our guide to utilities and housing for extra information about setting up your energy supply in your new home!

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