How is my invoice generated?


You will receive a monthly bill from Youfone. Mid-month, you will receive an email message once your invoice is ready in MyYoufone. Youfone charges subscription costs in advance, while usage costs (e.g. costs outside of your bundle) are charged afterwards.

The invoiced amount is automatically collected.

Note: Calculations in your first invoice only include the remaining days in the first month. The subscription costs are calculated entirely in advance for the following month.

Download the entire invoice specification via MyYoufone. The following information can be found on the specification (if you make use of a landline number):

  • Call duration
  • Call costs
  • Call timestamp
  • Selected numbers during a call

If you find '****' in your specification, the specific number was shielded. Your internet sessions are not accessible to Youfone, and thus you will not find these in your specification.

The invoices & specifications are available for 6 months. To view your invoices & specifications, use Acrobat Reader or an alternative app.

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