How does a number transfer request work?


It's quite simple. Select the number transfer request when completing your checkout. Youfone will take care of the switch. How will this exactly work? Below you will find three of the most common scenarios;

1) You don't have a contract

Most providers use a cancellation period of 1 month. Example: You order a Sim Only subscription from Youfone on the 15. March. One month later, on the 15. April, Youfone will transfer your mobile number and activate your subscription. 

2) Your subscription will expire within 6 months

Example: It's the 15. March and your current subscription is expiring on the 8. May. You will thus order a Sim Only subscription with a number transfer starting on the 8. May. Youfone will transfer the mobile number on the same day.

3) You are currently using prepaid

With prepaid, Youfone will transfer your number within 5 working days. Keep in mind that your existing call & data credit will expire once your new Youfone subscription has been activated.

Sim card

As soon as Youfone knows the date of the number transfer, it will send your sim card to you. In the letter sent by Youfone, you will find the exact date on which your number will be transferred. The sim card will be automatically activated on this date.


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