How can I pay my Sim Only invoice?


Every month, you will receive an email stating that your invoice for the previous month has been prepared and can be accessed via MyYoufone. Simply log in to access all your invoices.

When requesting a mobile subscription, you agree to allow Youfone to deduct the invoiced amount directly from your bank account. The amount will be deducted on the 20th day of the month or the first working day thereafter. Currently, it is not possible to adjust the date at which the invoiced amount is deducted from your bank account.

Was Youfone unable to deduct the invoiced amount? You will receive a notification via email and text to pay using iDEAL. There are two methods through which you may pay Youfone:


To pay using iDEAL, navigate to MyYoufone and click 'Direct betalen met iDEAL'. You may also pay using the link in the email & text notification.

Bank Transfer

To pay via a bank transfer, send the total invoiced amount to IBAN: NL94 RABO 0303 3000 00. Always add your client & invoice number to your bank transaction.

Note: Setup fees cannot be transferred manually - they must always be paid using iDEAL.

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