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    • €0 Setup Fee
    • 200 Minutes/SMS
    • 500MB + 500MB Data Plan
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    • €0 Setup Fee
    • 200 Minutes/SMS
    • 3GB + 3GB Data Plan
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    • Unlimited Minutes/SMS
    • 5GB + 5GB Data Plan
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Crushed. That's the word we use when describing what we did with the prices for each plan. No matter the subscription you decide to move forward with, you will receive maximum value for a fraction of the normal costs.

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To make your life easier, three of the most in-demand mobile plans are offered. The optimal plan is a perfectly tailored to those users that regularly juice out a ton of data, but only make a few calls throughout the month.


All mobile plans are optimised for international students & graduates in the Netherlands. It's about time that expensive prepaid sim cards disappear, and the new era of inexpensive monthly subsciptions begins.

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Simplify your life by exploring our complete guide to sim only subscriptions in the Netherlands.

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  • Not only did I find them helpful and informative but extremely understanding, friendly and managed to keep me in the loop at all times. Their service was quick and easy which was a huge plus considering my situation. Once again would recommend.

    Asleigh International Student from Australia
  • A very reliable service, always on their toes and on the lookout to offer the best possible service for students.

    Enzo International Student from Australia
  • The service is top notch and couldn't have asked for a better person to speak to. I would recommend this organization to every international student who is looking for these kinds of services.

    Patience International Student from India


How can I activate my sim card?

The methods using which you activate your sim card vary, depending on whether you opted in for a number transfer (existing number) or you requested a new number.

Sim card activation without a number transfer 

If you purchased a new phone number, you may activate it for free via MyYoufone. Once your order and payment have been successful, you will receive your MyYoufone login details in your email inbox. Next, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to, click the 'inloggen' button on the top right of the screen and fill in your login details.
  2. Click on 'Abonnement' in MyYoufone and activate your sim card by clicking on the green button.
  3. Put the new sim card in your device and turn the device on.

Once you have completed all three steps, you should have the ability to call immediately. Are you still unable to call? We recommend restarting your device.

Are you still facing issues or need assistance with activating your sim card? Contact Youfone's customer service.

Sim card activation with a number transfer

If you are transferring your existing number, the sim card will be activated automatically. This will happen as soon as your number is converted at the starting date of your subscription.  Would you like to switch sooner? Activate your sim card via MyYoufone by clicking on the green activation button.

Is your sim card not working on the starting date? Contact customer service.

Note: The number is usually converted no later than at 12.00 in the morning. If your sim card still isn't working, try restarting your device and waiting a few hours. The problem should be fixed in no time.

How can I pay my Sim Only invoice?

Every month, you will receive an email stating that your invoice for the previous month has been prepared and can be accessed via MyYoufone. Simply log in to access all your invoices.

When requesting a mobile subscription, you agree to allow Youfone to deduct the invoiced amount directly from your bank account. The amount will be deducted on the 20th day of the month or the first working day thereafter. Currently, it is not possible to adjust the date at which the invoiced amount is deducted from your bank account.

Was Youfone unable to deduct the invoiced amount? You will receive a notification via email and text to pay using iDEAL. There are two methods through which you may pay Youfone:


To pay using iDEAL, navigate to MyYoufone and click 'Direct betalen met iDEAL'. You may also pay using the link in the email & text notification.

Bank Transfer

To pay via a bank transfer, send the total invoiced amount to IBAN: NL94 RABO 0303 3000 00. Always add your client & invoice number to your bank transaction.

Note: Setup fees cannot be transferred manually - they must always be paid using iDEAL.

How can you setup up internet on your device?

The internet settings will be sent to your device once you add your sim card to it. Would you like to receive the instructions again at a later point in time? Send 'JA' to 1300 via text. Within a few minutes, you will receive the requested instructions.

If you do not receive the settings automatically, add the following internet settings to your device.

The correct access point (APN) for all devices is:

Youfone & College Life recommend turning your mobile internet off when outside of the EU. Avoid unexpected costs by using WiFi instead.

In MyYoufone,  you can set a limit or turn your internet outside of the EU off. Simply navigate to 'Abonnement' > 'Netwerkinstellingen'.

How do I activate a data ceiling?

We advise you to activate a data ceiling. This way, you can prevent unexpected data costs outside of your bundle. With a data ceiling, your internet connection will be blocked automatically once you run out of all your data. On the first day of the following month, your data will be reset and you may once again use your internet connection.

In the meantime, you may also purchase additional data or use WiFi. You may activate the data ceiling for only €0,50 per month via MyYoufone.

How do I call & use internet abroad?

Your call & data bundle is valid in all EU countries. Within your bundle, you can use data and call / send texts to Dutch numbers. If you incur costs outside of your bundle while travelling in the EU, you will be charged Dutch rates for calling & using the internet. Usage costs outside of the EU are always outside of your bundle.

Usage within the EU

In all EU countries, calling Dutch telephone numbers (excluding service numbers) is deducted directly from your bundle. Calling foreign, non-Dutch, numbers is always considered as a separate expense.

Not sure whether a country is in the EU? Have a look at this list.

Usage outside of the EU

Calling, sending texts & using the internet outside of the EU is always outside of your bundle. Prevent unexpected costs by setting a data limit outside of the EU. You may also turn your data off completely.

How do I request a new sim card?

You may request a new sim card via MyYoufone. Navigate to 'Abonnement' and click 'Nieuwe simkaart aanvragen'. The administration fee for a new sim card is €15. You will then receive a 3-in-1 sim card (normal, nano & micro) from Youfone within 3 working days

How do you activate a Youfone subscription?

New phone number 

Once you have received your Youfone sim card, simply activate it in MyYoufone. Once you log in to MyYoufone, click the green activation button. Next, place the sim card in your device and type in your 4 digit pin code. Your pin code can be found on the sim card pass.

Number transfer

If you purchased a Sim Only subscription with a number transfer, your sim card will be activated automatically. The number will be transferred on the day you switch to Youfone (i.e. your subscription starting date). Place the sim card in your device and type in your 4 digit pin code. Your pin code can be found on the sim card pass.

Is you sim card still not working? Try restarting your phone. Otherwise, contact Youfone's customer service.

How does a number transfer request work?

It's quite simple. Select the number transfer request when completing your checkout. Youfone will take care of the switch. How will this exactly work? Below you will find three of the most common scenarios;

1) You don't have a contract

Most providers use a cancellation period of 1 month. Example: You order a Sim Only subscription from Youfone on the 15. March. One month later, on the 15. April, Youfone will transfer your mobile number and activate your subscription. 

2) Your subscription will expire within 6 months

Example: It's the 15. March and your current subscription is expiring on the 8. May. You will thus order a Sim Only subscription with a number transfer starting on the 8. May. Youfone will transfer the mobile number on the same day.

3) You are currently using prepaid

With prepaid, Youfone will transfer your number within 5 working days. Keep in mind that your existing call & data credit will expire once your new Youfone subscription has been activated.

Sim card

As soon as Youfone knows the date of the number transfer, it will send your sim card to you. In the letter sent by Youfone, you will find the exact date on which your number will be transferred. The sim card will be automatically activated on this date.


How is my invoice generated?

You will receive a monthly bill from Youfone. Mid-month, you will receive an email message once your invoice is ready in MyYoufone. Youfone charges subscription costs in advance, while usage costs (e.g. costs outside of your bundle) are charged afterwards.

The invoiced amount is automatically collected.

Note: Calculations in your first invoice only include the remaining days in the first month. The subscription costs are calculated entirely in advance for the following month.

Download the entire invoice specification via MyYoufone. The following information can be found on the specification (if you make use of a landline number):

  • Call duration
  • Call costs
  • Call timestamp
  • Selected numbers during a call

If you find '****' in your specification, the specific number was shielded. Your internet sessions are not accessible to Youfone, and thus you will not find these in your specification.

The invoices & specifications are available for 6 months. To view your invoices & specifications, use Acrobat Reader or an alternative app.

Why must I pay extra costs outside of my bundle?

If your invoice costs are higher than expected, review the PDF of the invoice first. On the second page, you will find your usage overview where you can find the source of the additional costs. If the costs remain unclear to you, review the specification associated with the invoice.

The cause of the additional costs may depend on a number of things. It is possible that you used data or call credits outside of your bundle. Or perhaps you dialled a foreign number. Nevertheless, we understand that unexpected costs are unpleasant. Contact Youfone's customer service to understand the root cause of the additional costs and receive advice on how to prevent these costs from ocurring in the future.


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