We Compared Energy Companies so You Don’t Have to

The Netherlands may be a small country but that doesn't mean there's a lack of diversity. In terms of clothes, food, and movie theaters, the options seem unlimited. The same goes for energy companies. Imagine browsing through nearly as many energy sites as there are clothing sites. That would be exhausting, right? College Life did this for you via United Consumers so now you can sign up for an energy contract in just 5 minutes.

Energy Companies in Europe

Europe is one of the leading continents in making efforts to decrease carbon emissions. An important factor in decreasing these emissions is using green energy. The Netherlands has been a pioneer in using water and wind energy (because let's be honest, there's so much of both here). This means that there is a strong focus on utilizing this green energy across as many companies and households as possible.

United Consumers

UnitedConsumers offers some of the best energy prices in the Netherlands for a variety of reasons. This company is a collective consumer provider, meaning they purchase services in large quantities and provide them to the consumer. Think of them as an intermediary.

  1. UnitedConsumers uses wind energy only, obtained from a variety of green energy providers in the Netherlands. This means you are using energy from a selection of competing companies. Your prices are guaranteed to be low.
  2. UnitedConsumers buys large quantities of energy from these several companies. This means UnitedConsumers gets a special price because they purchase so much energy at once. This discount is then provided to you.
  3. They pay attention to their competitors. UnitedConsumers looks at the market price of energy and promises to charge you 1 euro per unit less. In combination with the discount from buying in bulk, UnitedConsumers is offering you the best price.


Utilities in the Netherlands is gas and electricity from an energy supplier. For water connection, you need to contact the government-regulated company responsible for your region. One supplier per region allows for efficient water connection and transportation. For more information, please refer to our energy guide.

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