The Cheapest Energy Supplier for Students in the Netherlands

Studying in the Netherlands is a very exciting experience. There's so much to do and see and so little time. That's why it's a shame for you to be wasting your time leafing through websites to compare energy suppliers. You need energy for heating and cooking and warm water and that's why we think it shouldn't be that difficult to arrange. College Life has found the cheapest energy supplier for students in the Netherlands.

What kind of utilities you'll need

If you are renting an apartment, room, or house and the contract says "G/W/L incl.", then you don't need to worry about finding an energy supplier. If your contract says "G/W/L excl." and the landlord doesn't already have a contract with a supplier, you'll have to find one. Here's what you'll need.


Gas is the most common type of energy used for cooking. Many houses in the Netherlands are old and therefore do not yet have electric stoves. Infrequently, this is used to power heating as well. Sign up through College Life.


If you want to be able to see what you're doing at night, you're going to need electricity. Electricity is used for lighting and increasingly for heating. Electricity is luckily one of the cheaper forms of energy. Gas and electricity can both be arranged in one contract with the energy supplier company. Sign up through College Life.


Water is, of course, a very important utility for in your house. You'll need to arrange this with your local water company provider, however. Water is monopolized for certain regions of the Netherlands to ensure service is optimized. To figure out which water provider services your town, type "wateraansluiting" + the name of your city into the search bar.

UnitedConsumers, maybe the cheapest energy supplier

UnitedConsumers is a company that utilizes green wind energy only. This company has the lowest prices guaranteed because it constantly compares its prices to competitors. Furthermore, the company provides unique discounts to you, the consumer, since it receives discounts itself when buying energy supply in bulk. And we know you like a discount.

How much can you expect to pay for energy?

Energy billing works annually. The energy supplier estimates your use based on where you live or how much you indicate you expect to use. Then, you pay a certain amount each month based on this use prediction. At the end of the year, if it turns out you've used less energy than you've paid for throughout the year, you get money back. If unfortunately, you use more, you'll need to pay some extra money.

On average, a single person can expect to pay around 100 euros per month for energy. This amounts to around 1200 euros per year. Again, some of this you might get back if you're smart with your energy use!

UnitedConsumers uses an estimation method so you don't need to try and figure out how much energy you might use yourself. On their website, simply fill in your complete address and amount of roommates and an estimation will be created for you. Less work and less time, and better energy use.

Sign up for cheap & green energy now

With College Life & UnitedConsumers, you can sign up for an energy contract within 5 minutes. With a comprehensive video showing you how to navigate the Dutch UnitedConsumers website in English, you can have the cheapest electricity supplier providing your energy in no time.

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