Celebrating Milestones: the Ultimate Win-win Situation

Whether it be in your personal life or in business, achieving a milestone is a sign of success. Celebrating milestones, and said success, is thus important for your company. Whether it be to improve the work environment, create a name for yourself as a company, or simply validate your status as a successful business, a good celebration never hurt anybody! Here's why you should transform celebrating milestones into a company-wide event:

Celebrating milestones: is it worth the splurge?

celebrating milestones with champagne

Put your name out there

A good business owner will always try to follow the maxmin rule: minimize expenses and maximize revenue. In some cases, "unnecessary" company events could be seen as useless expenses. However, celebrating milestones could also be seen as a subtle yet effective marketing technique that boosts your employer branding.

On the one hand, you improve your company image. This is because you show that you find it important to celebrate team success. This not only allows you to share your success with shareholders but also promote your company as having a convivial and supportive work environment. You get to put your name out there without having to invest expensive traditional advertising. One might argue that organizing corporate events is expensive. However, by honoring company milestones with an appropriate event, you kill two birds with one stone. Just have a look at how Rotterdam's ISM eCompany celebrated its 100th deal of 2016.

Everyone likes a good party

This is a very simple but valid point. Whether we like to admit it or not, the majority of us enjoys a nice celebration from time to time. Even with the best job at the best company in the world, we all crave some time off. An occasional celebration offers just that and will improve the overall work environment for your employees. Not only will you keep your staff motivated but you will also show appreciation for their hard work. Just like an expensive watch, a company can't work without all of its parts working together.

Validate yourself as a successful business

On top of putting your name out there, it is also important to simply share your success with the world. Not only does this show your customers that they are putting their money into a thriving business but it also shows your competition that you are a force to be reckoned with. Celebrating successes creates positive publicity for your company and might attract future business opportunities.

Time is money

Some of the best deals have been made in the most casual settings and a corporate party offers just that! Although corporate events are a more casual corporate setting, they can be great for networking. The guest list is in your hands and you might even attract new possible clients or members of your target audiences. Whilst enjoying a nice refreshment or snack, new ideas could be tossed around for possible business opportunities. This helps your company's connections as well as your company's reach. Always keep an eye out for new opportunities!


celebrating milestones with colleagues


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