Target the best international students & young alumni from the world's top universities

Smart recruitment of top candidates

One of the barriers of entering a new country is immediate access to top talent. To create & maintain a competitive edge, building a superstar team is a primary concern. The CDCC has the capacity help you build a powerhouse team in the Netherlands, immediately. Strong ties with the best universities in the country combined with fruitful relations with the Dutch municipalities and powerful network partners will help you with succed with talent recruitment.


Supercharge your employer brand

Building a strong employer brand in a new country is always a challenge. A strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is worthless unless you know how to communicate it effectively with your target audience. CDCC's thorough understanding of the labour market in the Netherlands & its access to talent partners will help you succeed in local employer branding. Request an audit today.

College Life Work

CDCC works closely with College Life Work to help you attract & hire top young candidates in the Netherlands. Founded in 2014, College Life Work has helped over 600 employers with hiring some of the brightest minds across all industries. Since College Life Work is a knowledge & network partner of CDCC, you will have the opportunity to make use of their priority support.