7 Ways Bierens’ Startup Mentality Allows Graduates to Shape the Company

With the startup revolution in full swing, many young graduates and undergraduates look too young innovative sectors to launch their careers. The benefits of working at a startup are many. Their ever-changing structure seems perfectly adapted to the goals and potential of fresh-faced job seekers. But what if you could have the freedom, space, and creativity that defines the startup mentality without the volatility and exhaustion that comes from stretching yourself too thin?

Eagerness, Collaboration, and Commitment

The startup mentality is defined by eagerness and commitment without compare. Entrepreneurs and their teams are fully committed to every single project they take on. The same can be said for Bierens, this long-standing family company encourages an all hands on deck approach. Like a start-up, Bierens envisions the completion of goals as the natural result of collaboration. Not only are the employees encouraged to take initiative, but the work environment is profoundly collaborative. Every new idea is realised in partnership with management. There isn’t really a hierarchical structure in place. Bierens makes sure that every voice is heard, which results in a fulfilling team dynamic.

Work/Life Balance

The startup mentality has often been trivialized to «work hard, play hard». However, in the case of Bierens, they make sure that work/life balance is never sacrificed (or subsequently over-compensated for). Life is fully integrated into work with entertaining lunch conversations, an open and welcoming environment and small things like a gym, a ping pong table and a volleyball field. Bierens takes the core of the startup mentality, which is employee comfort and articulates it in a non-stressful environment.

startup office open space

Unique Culture

Bierens’ international and diverse atmosphere alone is worth writing about. Startup mentality is also largely about creating a unique culture, one that is a reflection of the final product. If there's anything Bierens is a reflection of, it’s their commitment to fostering international environments and embracing internationality as not only an asset but also a skill.

Accomplishments are Rewarded

After ‘work hard, play hard’ comes ‘there’s no I in team’. Luckily, Bierens is short of cliche expressions. However, they fully embrace team spirit. Not only are accomplishments highlighted and rewarded but there is a real sense of having created something that will last. This is due to Bierens' deeply rooted sense of community and deep rooting in the community that surrounds its offices.

Flexibility and Self-Sustainability

The flexibility and constant adaptability required of a startup mentality are incredibly sought after skills. They also happen to be encouraged through Bierens’ project approval process. Bierens has created groups devoted solely to carrying out new ideas. At Bierens, you’re allowed to fully explore the potential of your project. Employees are encouraged to explore and redefine initiative. Ideas are pitched and spearheaded by ideators. Bierens recognises the necessity of organic innovation for growth and accommodates the ever-changing need of its employees and industry.

Startup mentality helps prepare for bends in the road

Open-Minded Growth

One of the many advantages of Bierens is that despite its quest for innovation and a clear embodiment of the startup mentality, they provide a legible structure with stable resources. At the end of the day, a startup is nice but insubstantial, constantly flirting with bankruptcy or even worse irrelevance. Bierens allows for constant creativity while also providing a framework, constructed by experienced leaders, which pushes young graduates to fully develop their potential.

Not only that, but you’ll feel like you are part of the larger story, a decisive hand in a family company.

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