How to have the best road trip ever

Road trip! Living in a place like the Netherlands means you basically have a whole country’s worth of cities and locations only a few hours drive away from each other. What I’m trying to say is: you can drive almost anywhere, anytime, especially if you are stuck at home this summer and want to have something to do. Summer is the perfect time to grab some friends, some snacks, and hire a car and get moving! So, just for you, we have thought of the most essential things you need for a rad road trip.

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First thing’s first: you need a car.

What is the most essential element to any road trip? THE CAR, OBVIOUSLY! You can’t have the trip without the road…or, wait…you can’t have the road trip without the car, is what I’m trying to say. You’ll need to figure out how many people you will be, what kind of place or environment you are going to, and what kind of cool extras you want for your ride. If you don’t own a car, easy; just hire one! is the world’s biggest car service, with over 46.000 pickup and drop-off locations in 169 countries worldwide. That basically translates to: you can go a whole lot of places! Here, you can compare rental car prices, from both small and large companies and see complete offers at a glance. Quality, efficiency, and value for money are all calculated in your search. Really handy, right? works with all major international car hire brands to find you the perfect car, van, or whatever your heart fancies. You can also read reviews to see whether people have liked the car you’re looking to hire, and what they think.

Now, where are you going?

Of course, there are key road trip destinations like Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden…the list goes on and on. Okay yeah, Holland is pretty small, so maybe you want to drive to a lot of places in a weekend instead of just one, or just stay somewhere for a night with your friends!

The big cities have a lot to offer: restaurants, bars, museums, the sights. But you can also drive along the coast, visit a few beaches, or even drive to Germany or Belgium.

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Where will you stay?

A road trip should be a stress-free zone! That means: no fighting about directions (which is why the one with good direction skills sits shotgun) and know where you’ll be staying each night! The worst thing ever would be to finally get to your destination- after hours of driving and long discussions about which Game of Thrones season is the best- to then have to find somewhere to sleep. You don’t want to spend time searching for a place to sleep, or having to admit defeat and sleep in the car. That’s why you need to book ahead!

On you can find over 900.000 properties in 221 countries for the best prices. Apartments, villas, houses, rooms, castles, boats, tree-houses…and yes, those are actual places you can book, we are not joking. There are no booking fees, and most rooms have no cancellation policies. Meaning: if you end up reading the map upside down (sorry, putting in the wrong address in Google Maps), it might be alright if you can’t make it. On you have the best rate guarantee, and verified reviews from people who actually stayed there. Plus, for all our international students out there, you can search and book in over 42 languages!

Play driving games

No, not drinking games. Also, no, games are not just for kids. There are loads of ‘games’ you can play with your friends while in the car. This is a really fun way to pass the time if you’re going to be driving on long, never-ending roads or freeways.

Try something competitive, like Battle of the Bands:

One person chooses a theme, like ‘most epic rock song ever’, and two players have 60 seconds each to play their song. Then, the car judges choose the best song of the two to determine the winner.

Or a classic, like 20 Questions:

Players have 20 questions between them to guess what the first person is thinking about. For example, you could ask “is it round” or “is it blue”. But it has to be a yes or no question! If 20 questions are asked and there is still no answer, then everyone has one last guess and then the ‘thing’ that the first person was thinking about is revealed!

Image of two people on a road trip

Essentials you’ll need to pack for a road trip:

  • Water so you don’t get dehydrated.
  • Snacks so you don’t get mad (or hungry) at each other when the hunger kicks in.
  • Medicine for motion sickness; it won’t be pretty when one of you gets car-sick…
  • First-aid kit in case of minor injuries on the road.
  • A convenient cooler to keep your drinks fresh and food tasty.
  • Tissues and trash bags, just in case.
  • Sport stuff like a ball or Frisbee in case you want to blow off some steam at a rest stop.
  • And last but not least: car chargers for your phones!

And the most essential of all: remember to choose people you don’t mind spending hours at a time with, because you’re going to be stuck in that car for at least a little while!


These tips will guarantee an amazing road trip that will not only show off your booking and planning skills, but also a great few days of driving and exploring!

Have any road-trip-experience? Any more tips on how to have the best road trip ever? Comment below and let us know!


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