The Best Internet Providers for Your New Crib

Wi-Fi: the love of your life. But like most love-of-our-lives, they can be tricky to find and expensive to keep. If you are moving into a new apartment this summer, one of the first and arguably most important things you need to sort out is your internet. Sure, you’ve found housing or found a part-time job and you have your kitchen essentials all lined up. But, what about internet providers?

As a student dealing with exams, a social life, and all kinds of other commitments, it can be a chore attempting to find the deal that offers you great connection, speed, and is (most importantly) worth the money! That’s why we are here: to complete that pesky chore for you and give tell you about the best internet providers for your home.

Start by looking at our guide to budget utilities, where we talk about utilities, including internet. Check out this detailed guide if you want to know everything housing-related.

What are the best internet providers?

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With TELE 2 you can be sure to get fast and reliable internet connection for your new place! There are 3 packages for you to choose from, all at a really great price:


  • €22 per month, with a contract of 12 months
  • Fast internet at 20 MB per second
  • Free shipping and transfer service
  • €25 installment fee (DIY)


  • €28 per month, with a contract of 12 months
  • Super-fast interact at 50 Mb/s
  • Free shipping and transfer service
  • €25 installment fee


  • €30 per month, with a contract of 12 months
  • Fast internet at 20 MB per second
  • Free shipping and transfer service
  • €25 installment fee

You can also change your speed each month, if you thought you wanted the basic package but realize your Netflix binges require faster internet. The transfer service means that if you want to switch to TELE 2 from other internet providers, they can give you an internet modal for a wireless connection for free. You need to make sure that your postcode is included in those areas where TELE 2 is available.

To order your Wi-Fi package, all you need to do is order online through an order form, or call TELE 2’s service center. Even better, if you want to combine new internet with something else like TV and mobile subscriptions, you can totally do that!

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With KPN, you can customize your internet to exactly what you are looking for. When you install your KPN home internet you get an ExperiaBox, which is the Wi-Fi modem. The groovy thing about it is that it updates itself so that your internet is always the fastest it can be.

With KPN, you can get:

  • 40 Mb/s speed
  • 80 Mb/s
  • or 100 Mb/s

€29 for the first 6 months, and €39 after that for a 12-month contract. The price increases depending on which speed you order!

You can also customize and design your package according to what you want! For example, you could add Spotify Premium to listen to music. You can change this every month if you find out you don’t use it or want to add something, which is handy.

Check your postcode availability here.

With KPN you can also switch from other internet providers for free. The package is easy to install and you could even hire a mechanic to come to help you set it up. All you need to do to get your KPN internet is order online through the website, where you can customize your package.

What speed should you get?

If you are a low-maintenance kind of person who likes to browse social media once in a while and conduct some research for your classes (like a good student), then you’ll save money with a small, basic package. On the other hand, if you like watching movies or videos every now and again, then a slightly higher speed will be the best bet for you. Do you like to play games online? Then you should try to get the highest speed you can! Remember that you can always split the bills if you are sharing an apartment or house with your friends; the costs will decrease the more people you share them with.


With these internet providers you'll be online at a good price. Your apartment will be decked out in no time!

What's the best speed for internet? Join the discussion and comment down below!

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