Popular Bachelors in Barcelona in 2021

Looking for bachelors in Europe? Look nowhere else but Spain — ranked as one of the top 10 places to study in Europe. This article will guide you through popular bachelors in Barcelona, one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe. 

Getting Inspired

“I started working for adidas in Barcelona during the last year of my BBA. I worked for Reebok which was acquired by adidas in 2006. Having spent years competing in tennis and volleyball, I had naturally gravitated towards like-minded people who were passionate about sports and fashion and who aspired to share that passion with others.” — Fanny Lanctot Fortier, Director Go-To-Market & Marketing Operations, Eastern Europe, adidas

“I am proud to be part of Barcelona’s recent tech startup boom. I now know a lot of the key players in the tech sector in Barcelona, and have been fortunate enough to work with entrepreneurs responsible for the best mobile apps and for founding the most successful startups.” — Ekaterina Novoseltseva, CMO Apium Academy, Apiumhub

Notable leaders including managers, CEO’s & directors have either done their bachelors in Barcelona or found themselves moving to the city after their studies to kickstart their careers there. 

Someday, you can be one of them too.

Why Barcelona?

There are plenty of great locations to choose from in Europe. So, why choose Barcelona? Here’s a few reasons: 

  1. You get to study in a leading smart city on the Mediterranean coast.
  2. You get to join a creative community of nearly 1,000 startups.
  3. You will experience world-renowned trade fairs such as the Mobile World Congress.
  4. You can visit leading multinationals like Puig, Desigual and eDreams.
  5. You get to embrace the city’s culture, local and international authentic cuisine in one of the most easy-going nations in the world.
  6. You can enjoy lots of indoor and outdoor activities (i.e. swimming, rock climbing, cycling, yoga, etc.) in sunny weather for most of the year around.
  7. You can experience the cultural diversity and the city’s cosmopolitan vibe.
  8. You can party at clubs while the Erasmus Barcelona team takes care of your student budget and grants you free entrances! 

Did you know?  Since 2016, ten exceptional Barcelona-based startups have grown exponentially fast despite the current crisis. Meanwhile, College Life has created an exclusive business community for all future business students that you can become a part of no matter where you are in the world!

bachelors students from a business school enjoy the sunny weather while walking in barcelona

Lifestyle in Barcelona

Barcelona is a dynamic city which is rich in culture, fine food, beaches, and nightlife. Expats can see and do a lot in Barcelona, including Europe’s largest football stadium and UNESCO-listed monuments like La Sagrada Família. Want to learn more about the lifestyle in Barcelona? 

Here are a few essentials:


The city has got a Mediterranean climate: warm, dry summers and cool, mild winters. Thus, beaches are popular among residents and tourists. High season begins in April and lasts until the end of September due to the warm weather. You can enjoy popular beaches such as Barceloneta and Nova Icaria which are merely walking distance from the city. Other beaches such as Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella have lots of water sport activities, as well.

Shops, Bars & Restaurants

Most businesses open at around 9-10am, and they stay open until late. There is a siesta period where shops and businesses close from around 2pm to 5pm. Bars and restaurants close from 4pm until around 8-9pm. Clubs and bars are most crowded at around 10pm as well as after midnight. Most shops close on Saturday afternoons, on Sundays and on holidays.

Getting Around the City

The city is well equipped with an urban transport system. Public transportation in Barcelona includes: buses, trains, the subway and trams. However, there are fully integrated cycle lanes in Barcelona. So, if cycling works better for you, get a bike and ride your way around the city. 

Living Costs

A student’s living costs in Barcelona can be estimated between €770 and €1360 per month, depending on the cost of accommodation. The average cost for accommodation is €900/month for a one-bedroom flat in the city centre. Hence, it would be best to search for a student accommodation at a reduced price. 

Popular Programmes 

The city of Barcelona is one of Europe’s most active startup ecosystems. Hence, the most popular bachelors in Barcelona are business-related. However, Barcelona is also a very culturally rich city and art-related programmes are quite popular among students, as well. 

Most notably popular programmes include:

EU business school classroom of popular bachelors in barcelona

High-Profile Companies 

The dynamic Spanish city is home to a handful of international companies. Universities and business schools can connect you with them. 

  1. Facebook
  2. Amazon*
  3. eDreams ODIGEO
  4. Airbnb*
  5. King
  6. Nestlé
  7. Lidl
  8. ICG
  9. Zurich
  10. Siemens Innovation Center*

* College Life can connect you with these companies as a part of the business community that is tailored specifically to future business students.

Notable Alumni

If you are still not sure if you want to do your bachelor’s in Barcelona, seek out notable alumni who have studied and lived in the city. Look them up through your target university website or find their profiles on LinkedIn. 

Here’s our top 3 picks:

  1. Ekaterina Novoseltseva (EU Business School)
  2. Hamza Benjelloun (EU Business School)
  3. Nathaly Eiche (EU Business School)

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