Connect with top non-EU/EEA graduates from the highest-ranked Dutch universities

Connect with an untapped talent pool

Thinking outside of the box is the strategy that will help you win the war for talent. With the College Life Accelerate programme, you’ll have the opportunity to narrow down your scope by connecting with the brightest non-EU/EEA graduates in the Netherlands. All participants of the College Life Accelerate programme are shortlisted using strict criteria, allowing you to immediately interact with top prospects.

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Train & coach your future leaders

During the 3-month program, you’ll have the freedom to implement your own training & coaching, allowing you to prepare the candidate(s) to immediately begin working at your company. Enjoy the ability to directly affect the curriculum of the candidates, and thus prioritize the skills & abilities that you find most important for them to acquire prior to applying for a role at your company.

Lower your time & cost per hire

Campus recruitment, headhunting and online advertising require significant capital & time investments. During the College Life Accelerate programme, you’ll have the opportunity to directly interact with all participants that have been carefully curated. This ensures that you are spending your valuable time speaking to the right candidates, all while lowering your capital investment.

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