6 Growing Tech Industries Worth Enterprising in

As students, we’re in the sweet spot for innovation and creative thought. We’ve got the time, space and resources to fully flesh out our ideas. Though not everyone can change the world, embarking on the journey of being a student entrepreneur is still a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to analyze markets, check out investment trends and speak to this or that specialist about how to disrupt the industry. If that’s your thing, great! If you need a little help finding your next big idea, here are 6 rapidly growing tech industries that are perfect for student entrepreneurship.

Nature and Technology

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The insertion of technology in the fields of biology and ecology have lent it a new purpose. Its transformative power combined with rising concerns for food access and quality has created a new sector of food-based innovation. Examples? The Impossible Burger pushes the limits of edible lab-made food or indoor vertical farms. Tangentially, with a growing population, people are looking for ways to make everything more efficient. Long-distant doctors, virtual psychologists… people are looking to know more about themselves and have quick access to the help they need. DNA analysis companies are another example of the multiple ways in which the biotechnology industry is catering to this growing desire for self-knowledge.

Transportation of Tomorrow

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We have always had and will always have this desire to go places, to travel somewhere fast and now. This need for immediacy is an insatiable hunger which when paired with the complexification of technology is driving innovation. The transportation of tomorrow is being articulated in tandem with the construction of the cities of the future. People and companies are looking to seamlessly blend the way we travel now with the endless possibilities of future mobility. Whether it be the next ride-sharing app or self-driving technology, tech industries are capitalizing on innovations around mobility. These are definitely worth looking into.


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Bitcoin was just the beginning! The growth and popularity of cryptocurrencies have led to the general spread and appreciation for blockchain technology. Technology is transforming the way we exchange with each other on all scales. As a result, monetary transactions have become a subset of social interactions. We now view cash as both cumbersome and archaic. The finance sector is moving into a post-bitcoin era. Practical alternatives to cash and innovations around the community-first transactions are creating a boom in both investments and companies.

Altered Realities

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We are always looking for distractions, whether it be a movie, a game or just a good book. These means of escape have become more readily available. They are quite literally at our fingertips in the case of mobile gaming or apps. The insertion of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technologies in the entertainment industry leaves room for forward-thinkers that can push the boundaries of what can be done. VR and AR are paving the path for new ways of interacting with the world and navigating through artificial spaces.


Everything has been sped up: the interactions, exchanges, and conversations we have on a daily basis have been streamlined. The subdivision of communities and societies into networks of interconnected individuals has led to the boom and flourishing of social media. This productive dynamic is part of larger innovations in communication that have been projecting us forward with an ever-growing momentum. There is a certain urgent need to be up to speed immediately: in the know, now. As this urgency grows, so does the desire and the resulting development of innovative alternatives.


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Aided by innovations in communication technology, people have taken to taking their education into their own hands. Education and self-learning have become decentralized, less linked to fixed institutions such as schools or universities. Websites and apps have democratized access to educational content. And yet so much is still unexplored! There are so many different subjects, aspects of learning, and audiences that you can cater to and focus on.

Final Words

Despite their innovative nature, finding ways into these tech industries can be quite complicated. All these sectors are worth if not pursuing, then at least knowing something about. Generally, innovation requires breaking down barriers and defying the limits of spaces we might not be that well acquainted with. Inside knowledge about the inner workings of these industries can be found through networking at job fairs or attending conferences. The more informed you are the easier throwing yourself out there will be and become.

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