3 Foolproof Ways to Save Cash on Utility Bills

Bills are the bane of our existence. In high school, they seemed like light-years away but in college, you’re stuck with dealing with them yourself. More so when you live alone or live with friends in an apartment. The kind of bills we are talking about are utility bills which are essentially your gas and electricity bills. Every month, you pay rent and utilities which means that the expenses can start to pile up. While you might get housing allowance to help with your rent, you still need to figure out a way to cut down on utility costs. That’s where we come in: we have 3 foolproof ways in which you can save on your utility bills.

1. Go green on your utility bills

Use green utility providers

The best way to use energy and feel good about it is choosing a green or sustainable supplier. UnitedConsumers is a green energy supplier that provides green electricity and gas, helping you to use power in a conscious way. All of this means you are using energy from sources like the sun, wind, water, and biomass: all sustainable methods. Want to be the environment’s best friend? This is the way to go!

Use energy-saving light bulbs

Energy-saving light bulbs have become a recent trend. Moreover, some stores will only sell them instead of older versions. Replacing your bulbs will save you lots of cash in the long run!

Image of wind energy useable for green utility bills

2. Save on your utility bills by using less!

There are some fool-proof methods to save energy and save your precious money. These are tried and tested and guaranteed to give you the best results.

Take shorter showers

No one needs a 30-minute shower! Take the shortest showers possible – shampoo, rinse, condition, shave and get out of there. Another tip is to avoid using extremely hot water since more gas is needed to heat up hot water than is needed for lukewarm or cold water. Plus, it’s been said a cold shower is key to getting off on the right foot…

Turn off the lights

If you aren’t in your room, your lights don’t need to be on. Similarly, if you leave your apartment, all your lights should be turned off. In the summer months when it’s lighter outside, you might not even need any lights until later in the evening or night!

Don’t charge devices if they have juice

When your phone or laptop is charged, take it out of the plug. At 100%, you can probably use it for a few hours and then charge it again when you need to! Don’t waste that precious electricity…

Image of saving on utility bills

Wear a sweater or a few extra layers instead of turning up the heat

In the winter, when the skies are dark and it's cold outside, you might have the reflex to turn up the heat. Rather than using more gas and raising your bill, wear more layers. It might be worth investing in an extra warm jumper to wear at home, rather than forking out more cash on your utility bills. If you do have the heating on, remember to close your windows so that you don’t let the heat escape!

Turn the heat off completely in the warmer months

On that note, turning off your heat completely during the summer will also save you money. Simply put: you don’t need to have the heater on when it's warm outside!

If you want to wash clothes, fill the machine to the brim

Wash your clothes at 30° or so and air-dry your clothes if you can. Ensuring that you fill your washer to the brim will save you money because you’ll end up washing less. Only washing 3 t-shirts 5 times a week is wasting your money!

Split your utility bills with your flatmates

This is a no-brainer. If you are sharing a flat with your friends, you can easily split the costs so that no one bears the full weight.

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3. Switch utility providers for lower bills!

Another way to save on your utility bills is to switch your energy provider. When you switch, you might be ditching an expensive plan and moving to a more affordable one. Gaslicht.com is the best place to go to if you are looking to compare utility bills. Gaslicht also has multiple discounts throughout the year, making it easier and easier to save money when it comes to utilities. With this site, you can compare energy prices and supplier quality with the monthly reviews. You might even get a price cheaper than through the actual supplier if you use Gaslicht.

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See? Saving a bit of money has never been easier! Wear a thicker sweater, turn off your lights, or evaluate your energy provider. You can tick this off in your budgeting journal...

Do you have any tips on saving money at home? Let us know!

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