25 Student Essentials to Take Care of Right Now!

Wow, time goes by fast, doesn't it? The academic year is in full swing! You've successfully recovered from your introductory days and freshman parties and you are ready to start your year off with a bang. Whether you are new to the Netherlands or resuming your studies for yet another year, there are some student essentials you need to take care of.

25 Student Essentials

You might have noticed that the re-branding of College Life is 1 month old (happy birthday to us)! We've partnered with the top 5 universities in the Netherlands and have been on-boarding many top employers that (will) list their open vacancies on our job board.

Now, we might not all be at the same stage of our journey in the Netherlands so here's a list of 25 student essentials to take care of, categorized by how long you’ve survived the extreme Dutch weather.

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Fresh Fish

You're a bit new to this Dutch weather and you've just started your freshman year. From finding a place to live to getting your BSN number, here are 10 links that should get you settled in.

  1. Get a phone plan
  2. Find a place to live
  3. Furnish your kitchen
  4. Register at the municipality
  5. Read the exchange student guide
  6. Explore our student deals
  7. Get financial aid
  8. Get a public transportation card
  9. Make use of allowances
  10. Explore Dutch culture

Medium-Size Kroket

You're probably a second year student. You like to say that you have some experience now that you've been living here for a while. This year, you need to find a place to stay, learn some Dutch, and maybe even find a job. Here's how to get started:

  1. Apply for internships
  2. Also, find a place to live
  3. Find a part-time job
  4. Subscribe to our mailing list for new jobs in your area
  5. Get health insurance
  6. Start budgeting
  7. Learn Dutch
  8. Learn about allowance partners
  9. Secure a payroll tax deduction

Full-on Stroopwafel

You are the real deal. A true pro at this, if you will. This will be your year: you're going to find a graduate job, repay your student finance, and even have a go at student entrepreneurship.

  1. Find a new place to live
  2. Find a graduate job
  3. Write your CV
  4. Repay your student finance
  5. Launch a company

It doesn't matter what point you're at in your studies or how well you've survived extreme Dutch weather. All that matters is that you get these 25 student essentials on your to-do or already done list! Set yourself up for success with these student essentials and we promise it will be another good year.

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