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Working at EY Prague: what the first 3 years will be like

by College Life
Updated on July 18, 2023

One of the greatest things about getting recruited for one of the “Big 4” companies is the active experience that you gain. EY Prague’s three-stage process within the first three years of working there gives you the opportunity to grow and learn continuously. 

EY offers a variety of positions (including part-time jobs and full time jobs) in Prague, within all three career stages.

The Three stages


EY Prague’s internships help you develop the necessary experience you need to work as a consultant in the following year. You acquire knowledge and insights into understanding what your job will be like, and what you can look forward to. What is more, you actively participate in projects by working alongside fellow team members. EY Prague does not require you to have previous experience - they  provide it to you from day one.

As a student, you benefit greatly from EY Prague’s internship. Working as a part-time intern while studying has a lot of benefits. With proper time management, you learn how to prioritize your tasks as a student and as an intern. You also get higher chances of employment after graduation within the same company or same sector or within the business field. 

Working at EY as a student or graduate can be flexible, too. Senior consultant Ondřej Valášek suggests that while studying abroad via the Erasmus program, he was able to work remotely for the company as an intern. 

Once you start your internship, you immediately become a member of the team. Your active participation and input on various projects and assignments allow you to understand the contribution that you have, as you will be completing tasks alongside experienced colleagues who can assist you.

If you’re either a student looking for part-time opportunities, consider applying for EY Internships

Junior consultant

Once you learn the foundations and get the necessary experience that EY offers you during your studies, you can begin working as a junior consultant. Junior consulting involves intensive training parallel to working on team-specific projects. For example, as a consultant in Strategy & Transactions, you get to work for teams such as Advanced Analytics and Due Diligence. This allows you to enhance your experience while applying your knowledge in the real world. Apart from working closely with other colleagues, you also get to attend meetings with clients all over Czechia, so make sure you don’t mind traveling! However, due to restrictive COVID-19 measures, traveling may be postponed for now. 

Junior consulting requires a lot more focus and dedication than the internship. This does not mean that you won’t have time for hobbies outside your job! Working at EY Prague part-time allows you to find a proper work-life balance.

Senior consultant

After two to three years of being a junior consultant, you are promoted to a senior consultant. As a senior consultant, you will be responsible for a team of juniors as well as more complicated projects. Since you will be working closely with both clients and other team members, your contribution will be more important to projects.

If you think you already have the necessary experience and skills, consider applying for a job as a senior consultant by choosing from all of EY’s current senior positions

What to expect

Working at EY helps you find new objectives and learn new things daily. There are three key objectives that are shared among EY’s team members.  

  • Continuous learning experience. The number one priority at EY is educating its employees. The frequent training and projects you will be exposed to as an intern and a junior consultant enable you to develop your soft (people skills) and hard skills (teachable skills). Moreover, your team consists of senior members and mentors who help guide and assist you every step of the way. 
  • Sense of community. Tomáš Kundľa - a senior audit consultant at EY -  mentions  that collaboration and communication is easy, since you work alongside peers. You grow and learn together, and you get to share similar experiences.
  • Career growth. The three different stages allow you to improve your skills as a member of the EY team as well as a person. Starting as an intern, you become familiar with the job as EY welcomes you into the team. In the years that follow, you put what you know to use with increasingly complex projects. Finally, you start managing junior teams. As you improve your understanding of the contribution you have to the company as a whole, you strive for bigger projects. Thus, you become more motivated to better yourself. 

They say that hard work pays off and EY Prague makes sure to follow the motto. Working at EY Prague is a road full of possibilities,. With every year you spend working there, you become a better consultant. You continuously improve your skills, and, as a result, you set bigger goals for yourself.

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