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Psychology Internships and Opportunities to Check Out

by College Life
Updated on July 18, 2023

Finding psychology internships as an international bachelor's student can be tricky. On one hand, professors and PhD students often offer students various opportunities to help out with their research. This looks really good on your CV and helps undergrads gain some hands-on experience exploring what it means to be a scientist. On the other hand, options for aspiring organizational, clinical, and social psychologists can be scant.

Furthermore, many clinical opportunities require advanced Dutch skills. This makes internship hunting even harder for international students. Fortunately, not all hope is lost. There are quite a few organizations that offer research or volunteering opportunities for international psychology students.

We compiled a list of the best psychology internships and volunteering opportunities for international students. All of them take place during summer but keep track of the application deadlines!

Amgen Scholars

Thinking about pursuing a career in research? The Amgen Scholars program might just be the thing for you! Funded by the Amgen Foundation, the program consists of 8-10 weeks of full-time research under the guidance of experienced researchers working at prestigious European/Japanese institutions. While the programme concentrates on biomedical research, the participating institutions often offer opportunities for psychology students as well. Successful applicants receive not only an attractive scholarship but also a great opportunity to gain priceless research experience and meet experts in their dream field. Undergraduates studying in Europe can choose between five renowned European and two Japanese universities.

Check out the details of the programme on the official Amgen Scholars website.

Junior Researcher Programme

Junior Researcher Programme

Unlike the previous opportunity, the Junior Researcher Programme is wholly focused on psychological research. It consists of a one-week summer school (hosted at a different location every year) followed by 13 months of developing a research project, carrying out the research, and an invitation to a conference hosted by the University of Cambridge. This opportunity enables psychology students to not only take their first steps in conducting research but also build a network of connections.

Official website of the Junior Researcher Programme.

SLV Global

Interested in clinical psychology but not a fan of research? Tired of cloudy Holland and dreaming of a warmer, brighter place? A mental health placement with SLV Global might just be the thing for you! SLV Global offers psychology-focused voluntary work opportunities in India, Bali and Sri Lanka. Volunteers with the organization get priceless experience under the guidance of local NGO and mental health workers. They also gain the opportunity to learn about local cultures and Eastern mental health methodologies.

Finding psychology internships and volunteering opportunities as an international student may be tricky but don't get discouraged! Visit College Life Work for more job opportunities!

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