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Graduate Jobs at EY Czech Republic: A Brief Overview

by College Life
Updated on July 13, 2023

In recent years, Prague has become a hotspot for the graduate jobs market. With a strong economy, great benefits for internationals, and extremely high student satisfaction, graduate jobs in Prague are very attractive. As a result, there are many great career options available. Amongst these careers, one of the best choices is consulting.

We've partnered with EY Czech Republic, one of the top consulting firms in the Czech Republic. Their graduate jobs scheme includes plenty of exciting consulting career options. Let’s have a look. 


EY Prague boasts several departments, each specializing in a different form of consulting expertise.


The auditing department deals with performing an intensive analysis of the accounting numbers, key processes and general finances of a client company. Auditing is a complex process, especially when dealing with large companies, but EY has excelled in this field. Their audit clients include companies as large as Avast.

Business Consulting

Ambition and a desire to grow are common needs in large companies, although sometimes the path to greater success is unclear. This is when companies hire outside business consultants - potentially, you. As a business consultant, you will analyse the client company's needs, then provide them with a clear strategy towards their goals.


The forensic department largely deals in the detection and investigation of fraud in major companies. Fraud can be devastating to any company, large or small. As such, the EY Forensic department will train you as a forensic consultant. It'll be your job to detect and prevent fraud in client companies.

Strategy and Transactions

Moving or restructuring capital on any large scale is an equally huge challenge. EY's strategy and transactions department helps investors and clients navigate various forms of transactions. These include mergers, acquisitions, debt and valuation. Besides these, as a strategy consultant, you will also provide the client with advanced analytics and forecasting.


The world of tax can be incredibly complicated. Because of this, EY will train you to be an expert tax consultant. With your training, you'll be able to advise companies on various different forms of tax. This could include VAT, corporate income tax, employee taxation, and many other kinds of tax. You'll make complex tax issues simple and solvable.

Technology Consulting

With the tech sector expanding perpetually, it's become necessary for companies to become as tech-savvy as possible. As a technology consultant, you'll be advising companies on how to keep their IT systems up-to-date, running smoothly, and safe from threats.

Graduate Jobs at EY Prague

Each of the aforementioned departments offers exciting graduate jobs in their specialisation. You can find all available positions on the EY website using the right filters here

Auditing, Forensic, and Business

In auditing, you might start as a Junior Auditing Consultant. Similarly, in the forensic department, you could begin as a Junior Forensic Consultant.  The Business Consulting department might hire you as a Junior Consultant in the Transformation and Execution Team, or the Risk Management Team.

Technology, Tax, Strategy and Transactions

The Technology Consulting department is always looking for more Junior Technology Consultants, and the Tax Department is keen for Junior Tax Consultants. Finally, Strategy and Transactions can offer you roles in Corporate Finance and Restructuring, as well as Valuation and Modelling.

Career Trajectories

One of the unique selling points to graduate jobs offered by EY Prague is their career planning scheme. They offer a path that allows you to intern with them while you study. After graduation, you can begin as a junior consultant. Within two to three years, you can become a senior consultant. EY’s Prague office is dedicated to encouraging career growth among all employees.

After that, the only way is up. A few years later, you can become a manager. Who knows? Could you become the next partner at EY Prague? Follow your dreams - it could be you!

Need Help Choosing?

With so many promising reasons to work at EY, it's difficult to choose which department might be right for you. If you are interested in the graduate jobs offered by EY Prague, consider contacting one of their recruiters:

Klára Schilhartová - Recruiter (Audit, Forensic services, Strategy and transactions)

[email protected]

Tereza Májková - Recruiter (Business Consulting, Technology Consulting) 

[email protected]

Nikol Sklenářiková - Recruiter (Taxes, Internal Services)

[email protected]

Alternatively, reach out to EY's social media. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram 


With their vast experience, incredible prospects for career growth, and established reputation as market leaders, EY Prague is an excellent choice for any student or graduate looking to start their trajectory off on the right foot. 

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