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Career Building: How to Grow within EY Czech Republic

by College Life
Updated on July 18, 2023

When you join EY Czech Republic, you will go through three phases in your career path. This career building process consists of beginning as an intern while studying at school, then becoming a junior consultant after graduation, and finally, after two to three years of experience, movings up to a senior role. Keep in mind that each individual experience is different, so it is possible to join the firm at different stages!

Progressing through your career path provides you with the opportunity to develop your abilities as a member of the EY team and on a personal level. As an intern, you get familiar with the work parallel to EY welcoming you into its ranks. With time, you get to know the company better, accumulate experience as the number of responsibilities increases, and eventually become an expert at what you do.


If you're planning to build your career at EY Czech Republic, the key to becoming a true professional is gaining broad knowledge of your field. As a part of your career trajectory, you can become certified in order to take on the role of an expert in your team, whether that is in Taxes, Audit, Business & Technology Consulting, S&T, or Forensic Services.  

Additionally, completing the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) certification at EY can help you become an Audit Manager or build your career in an accounting consultancy firm.

Top Career Building Trait - Proactivity

Proactivity is about taking initiative and being self-motivated. It's about having the will to take upon new challenges, to learn and grow. That's what EY Czech Republic looks for in their people — proactive individuals who want to make a difference. Working at EY Prague allows you to practice this skill by helping team members, discussing projects, sharing stories, attending meetups and workshops, and guiding newcomers.

Teamwork & Relationships

The firm strongly believes that success is based not only on individual efforts, but on people growing together to achieve great results as a team. EY Czech Republic employs all generations of professionals, from fresh graduates to seniors to help foster a collaborative environment of continuous learning and collective career building. You can establish strong relationships within the team of your own department and create valuable connections that will help you develop your future career. 

Reliability & Diligence

Reliability and diligence are critical skills you can learn when developing and nurturing relationships with peers, seniors, and other team members. Working effectively with others enables you to become trustworthy and maintain high standards of conduct.

In addition to this, your peers, managers & clients will be able to rely on you as a resourceful, diligent and skilled professional.

Promoting Yourself

promoting yourself

You will learn to be client-focused with a global perspective and maintain the highest level of quality and integrity in everything you do. Do not be afraid to reveal your accomplishments and achievements. Feel free to directly showcase the services you provide.  

Accumulating the critical skills and character traits listed here, such as developing your practical knowledge, staying proactive and reliable, and being confident will help you in the process of steady career building throughout your work life, whether at EY Czech Republic or anywhere else. 


EY’s Czech Republic office belongs to a global network of multinational, multilingual employees delivering services for industry leaders, governments and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

The firm encourages students and graduates to join their team and help them build a future career path from within the company. With the help of their team, you can expect a rewarding environment allowing you to build a foundation for your early career development or otherwise expand and boost your already existing experience.

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