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Why Study in Switzerland? Bachelors in Geneva & Montreux

by College Life
Updated on July 13, 2023

Have you decided where you want to do your bachelors in Europe yet? Why not try Geneva or Montreux in Switzerland? Switzerland is ranked #1 in Europe as the country in which you are most likely to achieve your career goals. 

There are plenty of opportunities for bachelors in Switzerland, and more specifically in Geneva and Montreux.

Getting Inspired

“I’m from Saratov, Russia, and I’ve been living in Geneva, Switzerland, for the past seven years. Geneva is a very international and competitive city. I speak four languages and am constantly trying to upskill.” — Margarita Liaifer Team Coordinator International Air Transport Association (from Russia, lives in Geneva, Switzerland, studied Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations, 2015)

“For early career choices, I’m a firm believer that you should choose your path based on what enables you to improve and learn the most. During the first five years of your career, personal development is much more important than personal gratification.” — Roberto Lionti Purchasing Manager, Europe Beauty Care Procter & Gamble (from Sweden, lives in Geneva, Switzerland, studied Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, 2015)

Notable world leaders have either done their bachelors in Switzerland or moved there after their studies to start their careers. Read further to find out why studying in Switzerland might be most suitable for you. 

Why Study in Switzerland?

There are plenty of great locations to choose from in Europe, but Switzerland, and specifically two of its most wonderful locations, just might be an ideal option for you. 

  1. Switzerland has one of the most stable and powerful economies in the world.
  2. It holds Nobel prizes for education, specifically in the areas of physics, chemistry, and physiology.
  3. Swiss people may come off as cold and distant at first, but they are extremely nice and always willing to offer a helping hand when you need it. 
  4. It is one of the safest places in the world with extremely low crime rates, with 88% safety of walking alone during daylight and 74% safety while walking alone during the night. 
  5. It is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes such as the Alps. Prepare for trips to the mountains and cycling along rivers and lakes.

Apart from the general reasons why Switzerland is an ideal place for students, take a look at a few more specific reasons based on the two locations. 


  1. Study in the international center of diplomacy and finance.
  2. Live in a city of 140+ multinational headquarters and 300+ NGOs.
  3. Visit the United Nations and World Trade Organization in Geneva.
  4. Heighten your international understanding as you live among the population of 40% internationals.
  5. Its proximity to the Alps makes it a haven for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. 


  1. Experience a city where sport, music, and business flourish. 
  2. Have contact with Nestlé, the global food, and beverage giant. 
  3. Attend top international conferences. 

Did you know?  Switzerland is best known for its consecutive top rankings on the quality of life in the country. The Swiss country is best known for being one of the safest, cleanest, and most efficient places in the world. 

Lifestyle in Switzerland

Switzerland has an extraordinary number of international organizations, financial institutions, and multinational companies. Home to the luxury watch industry, remarkable landscapes, and one of the best chocolatiers in the world, the Swiss country is a haven for many. Want to learn more about the lifestyle in Switzerland? 

Here are a few essentials:


The climate of Switzerland is temperate. It neither has excessive heat nor cold or humidity. It is highly recommended to carry an umbrella or a light raincoat with you to always be prepared for unexpected rain. Overall, it’s got mild temperatures, long growing seasons, and a lot of rain. 


The landscape of Switzerland is exceptionally beautiful. Mountains, valleys, lakes next to the medieval architecture of the cities give a unique character to the Swiss country. Switzerland’s bright blue lakes get crowded with students during summer festivals. Alongside its old villages and high peaks of the Alps in the country, there are lots of medieval buildings and landmarks in the cities. Feeling adventurous? Rent a boat and take to the water to visit Lake Geneva, the lake that connects with other lakeside towns including Montreux and Lausanne.


Getting Around 

Switzerland has an excellent public transport network. The options for transport in Geneva or Munich can vary from buses, trains, trams, water taxis/boats, taxis to car rentals and bikes, scooters, and boats! Your options are plentiful and fairly affordable when you are a student. 

Good to know: Switzerland grants allowance to young residents between the ages of 18 and 24 for the purchase of an annual transport pass. You can get it online once you obtain your SwissPass card via the TPG web store

Living Costs

Switzerland is one of the most expensive places in the world with Geneva ranking at the top of most expensive places in Europe. However, do not let this prevent you from studying there. 

One great solution is to consider renting a place outside the city and commuting to your university. Take advantage of Switzerland’s 94% public transport efficiency!

Expenses in Switzerland are generally much higher than in most of Europe. However, compared to countries like the UK or the US, university costs in Switzerland do not leave students in debt. University fees are fairly affordable as they can range from 800 to 1500 CHF per semester (€700 - €1300).

Pro Tip: Become a working student! International students can work up to 15 hours per week during their studies as well as full-time during the semester break. The salary is very good comparably, as the pay ranges between 25-35 CHF per hour (€22 - €31).

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Popular Programmes

Students benefit from the network they can build via their educational institutions. Many universities and schools collaborate with some of the biggest companies that are located in and around the Swiss capital. As a result, popular programmes in Switzerland include Business and Management. 

More specifically, popular programmes include:

High-Profile Companies

As mentioned, Switzerland is home to plenty of international companies. Universities and business schools can connect you with them.

High-profile companies that are found in Switzerland are:

  1. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  2. Nestlé
  3. Epiroc
  4. Starbucks
  5. Hublot
  6. Zenith
  7. Adecco
  8. Goldman Sachs

Notable Alumni

If you are still not sure and continuously ask yourself ‘why study in Switzerland?’, consider seeking out notable alumni. They can either be people who have studied at a university in Switzerland or currently live in the city. Search for them via your target university website or find their profiles on LinkedIn. 

Here are our top 3 picks:

  1. Paolo Andina (EU Business School)
  2. Margarita Liaifer (EU Business School)
  3. Noëlle Alice Demole (EU Business School)

Why study in Switzerland, if not for the country’s hospitality, its beautiful landscape, the numerous career opportunities, and overall high quality of life? 

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