Why You Should Have a Pay Monthly Sim Only Deal

You've just decided to study in the Netherlands. You're aware of step 1: you need to find a sim only deal. But how do you know which one is best for you? You may have never heard of it, but a pay monthly sim only deal is your best bet. It allows you to be what any student wants to be: flexible to change. With all the other deadlines you have for the university, isn't it nice to be able to make your own choices about other things?

What is a pay monthly sim only deal? It's a sim card provided by a mobile provider, but instead of entering a contract for a period of time, you pay for your card from one month to another. Dutch sim card providers typically offer the options of a 1-year contract, 2-year contract, or month to month contract. A pay monthly sim only deal means your contract only lasts until the end of the month for which you're paying. You have no other ties to the sim provider company. You're free to come and go as you wish.

What are the benefits of a pay monthly sim only deal?

You're flexible

Did you spontaneously decide to do an internship abroad? Or go backpacking for a few months somewhere? You can cancel your sim deal for no extra costs, and then pick it back up when you return.

It's adjustable

If you find yourself using a lot more data/minutes/SMS than you expected, you can change your subscription package. By not being locked into a yearly sim subscription, a pay monthly sim only deal lets you adjust based on your needs. This also means you can opt for less data/minutes/SMS if you feel you're paying for more than you need.

Best for your satisfaction

Are you not satisfied with your current subscription provider? Then you are free to switch to another whenever your heart desires. You won't be locked into a time contract. This means less stress the moment you initially choose a provider. With a month-to-month contract, you can always change your mind. Furthermore, the annual cost difference between month-to-month contracts and annual contracts is minimal.

The best place to find your (new) sim provider

If you're currently dissatisfied with your subscription provider or need to find the best option for you, we have just the place to find a new one. College Life and United Consumers have joined forces to make sure you can sign up for the sim subscription that is tailored to your needs. This means finding a pay monthly sim only deal that fits into your budget and still lets you connect as much as you need. This website lets you compare all providers on different platforms in one place. In this way, you're guaranteed to find a subscription that entails the number of minutes/SMS/data units you think you'll be needing.

As a student, you should be trying to spend your money on experiences that will make your time abroad memorable, not on monthly bills. Make sure you find the subscription that allows you to do just that.


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