How to Compare Sim Card Only Deals

When you make the decision to study abroad, a checklist of administrative things you need to do builds up. It's a lot and can be overwhelming, and we know how time-consuming it can be. Also, because of a different language and the multitude of various companies, it's hard to find your way. We've got a solution to one problem on your list: compare sim card only deals.

To compare sim card only deals

Many providers in the Netherlands have Dutch websites, and therefore it might be difficult to navigate exactly what is being said, if it's trustworthy, and what you can expect. This involves going to various websites, scouring over multiple companies and complex deals, and finally making a decision. We've all been there, and know it can be difficult to make a final decision.

Now, you can do all of this in one place. CollegeLife has teamed up with United Consumers, a Dutch service provider comparison website. United Consumers have a Dutch website, but we have a video in English explaining how to navigate to your desired needs. United Consumers offers the most competitive prices, as it buys services, such as sim contracts, in bulk. Because of this, United Consumers gets discounts and consequently provides these discounts to you, the individual consumer. Services remain of high quality, with trustworthy companies who have partnered with United Consumers. In this way, you can be sure that you have found the best contract at the best price.

This also means that you have multiple possible deals located in one place, so you can't miss out on a deal because you didn't know of a company's existence. This saves you from having to do any preparatory research about mobile services companies. This saves you time that you can spend doing other things, like looking for a room or packing.

Still not convinced?

What's even better is that United Consumers allows you to compare sim card only deals between packages of different amounts and contract lengths. You can tailor your wants based on monthly, yearly, or biyearly payment periods. You can even choose to filter by company.

Keep in mind that you should check if your contract satisfies the EU roaming clause. This means that your provider allows you to use your minutes/SMS/data in any EU country without paying additional roaming costs. This is handy if you have an important internship or interview call, or need to call for a room or medical information. Being connected at any time in Europe is extremely beneficial. View the list of EU countries involved to know when the roaming clause applies to you.

Having a sim card is one of the most important aspects of studying abroad. It allows you to connect to a vast social network and integrate better into your new environment. Don't let complex deals in a foreign language hold you back from signing up for a contract. Get out there, sign up, and get connected, at the best possible price.


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