Trips For Students: Beautiful Villages and Towns in Holland That Will Make You Fall In Love

Amsterdam, the ultimate spot that a tourist must visit. You have a lot of things to do there: the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and Amsterdam Dungeon to name a few. However, Amsterdam is not the only interesting place in Holland. If you're interested in exciting trips for students, there are more beautiful towns and villages for you to discover. For example, you can discover windmills, gardens, beautiful architecture and cobblestone paths along your way to exploring the Netherlands.

Are you looking for inspiration to organize trips for students? Here are the most beautiful villages and towns in Holland that will make you fall in love with this country. 


1. Giethoorn

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Locals know the town of Giethoorn to be the Dutch version of Venice and or the "Land of Water". That is because it resembles Venice so much! They have many canals here; there are even ones ranging over 80 km! Sometimes, you can only reach a house by boat. Also, you can either go kayaking or rent a boat here.

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2. Volendam

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Volendam. Otherwise, known as the village of boats and harbors. This is the ideal place for trips for students who enjoy fishing, but also those who are looking to experience real Dutch culture. What's more, here you can get a picture of you and your family in traditional Dutch attire! In addition, you get to wear clogs, the cute outfit and a headpiece. Furthermore, Volendam is a great place for students to hang out.

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3. Alkmaar

Now here is where you go to if you want to really discover Holland. Well, Holland cheese anyways! Here are some of the cheese-related activities you can participate in. First, you can visit the Holland Cheese Museum to get to know the full history of Holland's cheese. Then, you can buy some cheese at the Dutch cheese market; they have fantastic deals & cheap prices! Also, they have a huge variety you can choose from and in the summertime, you can even join their annual cheese festival. Say Cheese!

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So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit these beautiful villages and towns ASAP!

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