Top 3 places to visit by bike in the Netherlands

If you live in the Netherlands you probably own a bike. If you don’t, under which rock have you been living? And how have you been able to do anything? Anyways…back to the post. Living in the Netherlands, you have probably ridden your bike to the supermarket, to class, to the club…well, now it’s time to take a day trip. There are lots of places that you can explore! Obviously, cities like Amsterdam are famous for the paths and tourist routes you experience just by sitting on your bike; but there are three other places that you just have to see, and all on your bike! Whether for a weekend trip, or just for a day, here are three places you should go for a bike trip.

Image of man riding his bike

Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos is one of the largest city parks in Europe, almost three times the size of Central Park. You can ride your bike along the trails and paths going through the park and into the forests. The Park is only 4km away from Amsterdam by bike, and to get there from other places in the Netherlands means you only need to take a train or bus to Amsterdam and then get yourself to the Park from there. You can also take a break from biking to go zip lining, swim in the lakes, or eat pancakes…During the year, and especially in summer, they have cool events like jazz concerts and open-air theatres.

Find something bad about that, I dare you.

The Hoge Veluwe National Park

An hour away from Utrecht by train, the National Park is a beautiful place to experience lots of different types of landscapes, like forests and grasslands. You can either bring your own bike or hire one- they are called White Bikes- for free. It does cost you 9.30 euros for a day pass to enter, but you get 55 square kilometers to bike around, plus art and architecture and lots of animals to spot. There’s so much to do, and for all types of people. Let me explain:

For the nature-lovers: different landscapes and the chance to bike around all day…what could be better?

For the art-freaks: the Kröller-Müller Museum, located in the park, has the second-largest collection of Van Goghs. Plus Monets, Picassos, Mondrians and countless other Modernists.

For the animal-obsessed: the park houses animals like deer, boar and foxes, which you can sometimes see walking around.


It doesn’t get more Dutch than Kinderdijk. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a windmill complex from the Dutch Middle Ages. Only 15km from Rotterdam, it’s easy to ride your bike to Kinderdijk. You can also take buses from Rotterdam, Utrecht or Dordrecht straight to the complex, or plan a train trip from anywhere else in the Netherlands. The cool thing about Kinderdijk is that you can enter the complex for a 6.50 euro fee and plan tours or trips inside the complex that last from 30 minutes to all-day. Or, if you don’t want to pay or go inside the complex, there are also lots of bike routes that take you past Kinderdijk or into town. Seeing some windmills is pretty much a must-do for any international students studying in the Netherlands (yes, you must do it for the sake of the mandatory ‘I-study-in-Holland’ Instagram-post).

Image of windmills as a place to bike to

Biking is not only great exercise, but allows you to experience huge places that you might not have the chance to do on foot. Also, it’s something to do if you are not travelling around the rest of Europe or the world during your summer break. You can go with friends for the ultimate day out, or alone with only your thoughts and trusty bike.

So, done with exams? Staying in the Netherlands for the summer? Then take your bike and go visit these top 3 places to ride your bike!

Do you have any more recommendations of places to visit by bike? Leave us a comment down below!


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