Find An Internship Abroad: England

Summer internships are the best way to start to gain experience and new skills. You don’t have to worry about university assignments during the summer, and you can even go abroad and learn a whole new culture while improving your job skills.

In this series on how to find summer internships, this time we will focus on England, and the best ways for you to get the perfect internship abroad.

Use specialised websites

Indeed and Glassdoor are websites specifically created to find a part-time, full-time job or internship. They can be the perfect places to start looking for a summer internship. You can choose what type of field you are interested in, the city and the working hours. With, you can create a profile and upload your CV, so applying for internships is as easy as a click of the mouse. These websites are good for browsing and getting an idea of what you might want to do.

Talk to your professors

An option is to talk to your professors: they might have some advice on how to apply for an internship, as
well as write you a reference letter. Professors usually have connections (internationally), so they might know
who you can contact and about specific positions in England. Don’t be afraid to go and ask for help to your
professors, they might know things that the Internet doesn’t. Certain universities post summer internship opportunities on their websites, or on Blackboard. Professors also tend to email job opportunities from alumni. There is always something out there!


The professional social media, LinkedIn, has implemented a search tool for jobs and internships. You can see if anyone from the same university has worked there before. Moreover, the website provides feedback on whether you have the skills necessary to get the internship. LinkedIn lets you connect with the employee, and you can contact people who used to work there to ask for advice on how to apply, or any questions about the job application. If you don't have time to look at LinkedIn for hours straight during your free time, you can also get notified if an available internship matches your skills, preferred location and sector.


This might seem pretty obvious, but Googling "summer internships" online can always give you an idea of what kind of internships are out there. You might be able to find positions on a start-up, or a company you have not heard of before. There are many websites and possibilities to be found on Google, or any other search engine that you might prefer.

There are many approaches to finding summer internships related to your Bachelor's or Master's degree. Going abroad can be a fun and educational experience, and you will go back to university with new knowledge for future jobs. There are many internships to apply to even here in the Netherlands that can give you all the leading positions!

Now that you know all the best ways to find an internship in England, go ahead and start searching for the
best opportunity out there! Make sure to check out our career section for other insightful articles which will help you elevating your career to new heights! 

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