8 things to do in summer when you’re stuck at home

With the exam-period finally finished and the sun (hopefully) getting warmer, it’s time to start thinking of things to do this summer. Surfing in Hawaii with your friends or backpacking through Europe? Yeah, you wish. Maybe you don’t fit as the 6th person in the car, or your semester left you way to tired to do anything exciting…or you just don’t have enough money to go anywhere. Either way, you’re staying home. But have no fear: here are 8 things to do in summer when you are stuck at home!

Check out what’s local

Yeah okay, you may live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, but there must be something to do, right? It might be exploring a new neighbourhood or visiting a local gallery; there are always things to do in summer. Even if it’s just taking a walk! Eat at new restaurants or take a quick trip to cities or towns nearby where there is sure to be more to see and to do. You might be surprised what you’ve been missing…

Meet up with your friends

Holidays at home means a good opportunity to meet up with your friends, since now most of you have a free schedule. Getting together to have a barbecue, heading to the pool, or just catching up at home on the sofa sound like good ways to spend your time. You could also see if there are any festivals you could go to or other cool things near where you live, like going to the cinema

Friends having things to do in summer

Spend time in the summer outdoors

One of the best things to do in summer is to be outside. Go on a hike, go to the pool, or go for a run in the sunset (very Instagram-worthy). Exercising outside is not only great for your health, but you can do it with friends. What’s more, you can take a bike ride to the best places in the Netherlands; a great way to explore without having to deal with burning leg-cramps from walking too much the next morning. Also, being outside is completely free! Which is great for our student budgets, right?

Read a book

Picture this: the warm summer sun on your face while you relax by a pool reading a good book. Okay, you might not have a pool, but you can definitely have the book! Obviously, you have done your fair share of reading textbooks during the semester, but reading a novel is much better. Not only do you keep that brain focused (or revive it from the mush it became after exams), but it passes a lot of time. And that’s the goal, right? Some great books to read include the Game of Thrones series, Outliars by Malcom Gladwell, or classics like To Kill a Mockingbird.

Image of girl in car as things to do in summer

Watch a lot of TV

Two words: binge watching.

Be creative

No, you don’t have to become the next Picasso (well, that would be pretty cool). Creativity doesn’t only mean painting or writing a book; it can be anything that allows you to grow your originality or find something that strikes your interest, or dare I say: passion. Start a blog, pick up photography with a new camera, cook a meal or two, or learn how to play an instrument. There are so many creative things to do in summer, and most of them for free or almost nothing! Which is great for our student budgets, right?

Go camping without the hassle

Can’t go camping? Bring camping to you! Set up a tent in your garden, invite some friends, and cook some food over a fire. All you need is a good tent and a comfy sleeping bag. Now you can enjoy all the fun of camping without actually having to drive somewhere, take hours finding the right spot, unpack, find showers…you get the picture.

Image of friends around campfire

Get an internship or a job

Since you don’t have to rush to your 9am classes for at least a month or two, why not take the time to find a job or an internship? Make money and gain experience while acing an internship? Sounds like a plan! You could try finding a job in a local restaurant, bar, or shop, or visit our Job Board. As a student, gaining work experience is seriously great for your future career and your CV. And not to mention, it can get you good contacts and you can do some great networking.


So, there you have it: 8 things to do when you’re stuck at home for the summer. From riding bikes to finding your true creative passion to camping in your garden, you’ll be thanking yourself you didn’t go to Ibiza to party (yeah, right).

What are your favourite things to do in summer? Comment below!