Study Tips: Best Ways To Improve Concentration

Studying can be daunting, mostly if the exam coming up is your least favourite subject. There are many things that can distract you: Facebook, friends, the rare rays of sunshine, chores. If you need ideas on how to improve concentration, this list might be your life saviour.

Here are some things you can do to improve concentration and do everything more efficiently

Turn your phone off

We know, nowadays it is really hard not to be connected with your friends or with work every second of the day. Your phone can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you can’t help but check that blinking light to see who messaged you, or check your Instagram during a five-minute break that later turns into an hour break, the best solution is to switch off your phone. Even for just an hour, you will notice how much easier it is to concentrate without your phone.

Switch it up

Sitting in the same spot for hours isn’t ideal. Your body gets stiff, your shoulders start to hurt and it might be difficult to concentrate. So, switch it up. Stand up, go for a little walk to get some tea or buy some snacks. Maybe find a different place to study. Your concentration might improve if you move from your living room desk to the kitchen table.


Sometimes, looking at all the work you need to do can be daunting. Anxiety can kick in and prevent you from properly working and studying. To avoid this, split up your work instead of piling it all up. This will make you feel more motivated and will make studying look like less work. But make sure to stick to your schedule, or you might end up cramming everything in one night and that is never ideal! If you struggle to make a list of tasks, you can get help scheduling with apps and websites, such as Wunderlist and Workflow.

Create a specific atmosphere

Lastly, you can create a specific atmosphere. You can light up some candles, have some bright lights and some water close to you. The perfect atmosphere will give you fewer chances of getting distracted. Thirsty? Have a sip of water. Feel stressed? Just smell the candles and let the scent calm you down. But make sure not to dim the light too much, or you might end up taking a nap instead.

Find what works for you

Everyone learns differently: some people can just read something on a page once and seem to remember it forever. Others need visuals and sound to help them remember. Find what best works for you: if you need someone to explain and talk to you, you can watch YouTube videos or ask a friend. If you are exceptionally good at remembering songs, don’t be ashamed to create little songs for different subjects.

Now it's your turn! Try out these tips to improve concentration and achieve better results during (and after) your college life.

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