Library Study Spots in the Netherlands – Guaranteed to Be Aesthetically Pleasing

Do you have other study spots besides the school's library? Many of you may answer yes but would refer the place to your own homes. Well, it's time to find a different place and atmosphere to study!  A.K.A other libraries in this case! There are many aesthetically pleasing libraries in the Netherlands that can get you to learn easily!

Here are some of the top aesthetically pleasing library study spots to visit!


1. Delft University of Technology Library, Delft

This first aesthetically pleasing library lies in the town of Delft, The Netherlands. An architect named Mecanoo designed the icon of TU Delft. The library has an unusual structure for a building. The roof is like a dome, which happens to be the symbol of the engineering world. The library has a high ceiling on the inside. Outside, visitors and students can sit back on the grass, while facing the sun as it shines brightly. To facilitate students, an additional area for student discussions are made. The library opens from until 12 A.M; but for exam weeks, it usually opens until 2 A.M. A very practical library to study in!

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2. Handenlingenkamer, The Hague

Next, built in the 19th century, is a beautifully archaic library in the The Hague, The Netherlands.  Originally, it was a building made for housing parliament acts (they just happen to also have a library in it). Now, it's most famous for its library! Since there was no electricity at the time that the building was built, the roof was shaped like a dome in order to let as much as light in. The library has four stories, all surrounded by books; thus, one can smell the pleasant feeling old books! The library is open to all visitors, almost every day, except for Heritage Day/Open Monumentendag (10 September)!

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3. Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a top pick by lots of Dutch locals living in Amsterdam. Although it is only the public library, it has a very cozy nuance (as sometimes someone may just start playing the piano from the ground floor). Also, the library is open to all ages. Visitors are able to read, study, borrow books or even go to the audio room. Plus, on the top floor, there is a restaurant to go to for a meal; you can also enjoy the city center's skyline while doing so.

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4. Peace Palace Library, The Hague

Now, this is my personal favorite. As one of the world's oldest and prestigious library, this is a safe haven for all law students! Located in The Hague, the library is in a separate building from the Peace Palace (since the Peace Palace itself is off limits to visitors). The library also serves tribunals and courts such as the International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Inside the library, there are reading rooms where you can study in silence; they also provide plugs for each station, so you can charge your phone or laptop while you study. Unfortunately, this library is only accessible to law students. Entrance is sometimes free and other times you would have to pay a €5 for the day entrance.

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Although most of the study spots listed happen to be libraries, there are more study spots like parks and cafés. However, if you want a quiet, cozy, and Wi-Fi covered place, I'd go to the spots above!

Image of the study spots in netherlands

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