We Did a Student Insurance Comparison For You

There are many wonderful things about the Netherlands: the chocolate, the tulips, the bikes, and the windmills. And like any other country, there's one small bad thing: arranging health insurance. Student insurance comparison can be hard, especially as an international student coming from another country with another language.

But don't worry, College Life has your back. You can sign up for healthcare using United Consumers, a collective consumer company that offers you the best services at the lowest prices. The best part? There's no catch. No fine print, and no complex contracts.

First, find out below if you need a Dutch health insurance. Then get yourself signed up to get great discounts and even better medical coverage. All in just 5 minutes.

Do you need to do a student insurance comparison?

  1. If you are a European citizen and have health insurance in your home country, you can obtain an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). What is this? It's a card that enables you to receive medical care in any European country. If you come to study in the Netherlands and don't plan on working here, you're covered by your current insurance. Note, however, this is only for standard medical care. The EHIC does not act as a travel insurance. If you plan on taking any crazy trips, get yourself some travel insurance.
  2. If you decide to work in the Netherlands, however, then you do need to purchase Dutch student insurance. The Netherlands requires that all residents have health insurance, and if you wish to be on Dutch payroll, have Dutch health insurance.
  3. If you to from the Netherlands from a non-European country, then you also need to purchase a Dutch student insurance. You are not covered for medical costs in the Netherlands with your current insurance and are required by the Dutch government to purchase Dutch insurance.

But, no worries! Another wonderful aspect of the Netherlands is that there is such a thing as healthcare allowance. This is a monthly subsidy paid to your Dutch bank account every month by the government. The aim is to make healthcare more affordable for you. Right now, this subsidy is at 95 euros/month. It feels like you've won the lottery every time it appears in your bank account. This is not given automatically, however, so do calculate how much you can be subsidized and apply for healthcare allowance.

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How to sign up for student insurance

Here at College Life, we understand how hard it is to be an international student. And we know that you've got enough on your plate. Therefore, we've partnered up with United Consumers to help you find the healthcare package that best fits your needs at a price right for you.

Here's how it works. United Consumers is a company that buys large amounts of healthcare services, and therefore gets discounts. Because United Consumers pays less for services, it transfers these low prices to low prices to you, the consumer. You get the best healthcare service at the lowest price. Furthermore, United Consumers compares healthcare service package prices for you on its website, so you can perform a student insurance comparison on the extent of healthcare packages all in one place. This will save you tons of time and effort. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

Healthcare is extremely important because it's about your safety, well-being, and general health. Don't let high prices keep you from getting the coverage you need and feel comfortable with. Let College Life and United Consumers help you find the health insurance package that best fits your medical needs. Sign up today to get yourself the best coverage for the most competitive price.

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