How To Throw A Great Student Christmas Party

For those international students coming from far away, it can be quite expensive to go home for the holidays. Therefore, many choose to stay in the Netherlands to save some money and explore the nearby travel destinations. However, if you and some of your friends are stuck on campus during winter break, it’s a perfect opportunity to throw a Christmas party. Even if you’re not going home for Christmas, you can still have fun and spread the holiday spirit. Since hosting a Christmas party can seem daunting and endearing at the same time, we offer you 6 helpful tips on how to organize a great and festive event this holiday season.

1. Be timely

You definitely need guests for a party to be successful. However, you must remember that the holiday season can be quite busy, and people probably have many other plans. Therefore, it’s best if you let your friends know about the party at least one week in advance. The easiest way to invite friends is by creating a Facebook event. In case you want to expand the scale of the party and meet new people, ask your invited guests to bring friends.

2. Choose a theme for your Christmas party

Themed Christmas parties encourage guests to dress up and also make them more excited about the event. A great theme that works every time is ugly Christmas sweater party. Ask guests to find cheesy and ridiculous sweaters at second-hand shops, cheap retail venues, or even create them on their own. However, make sure that everyone knows the theme to avoid awkward moments.

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3. Decorate

One of the most important things for a great holiday party is the atmosphere. As a matter of fact, you can’t throw a Christmas party without fitting decorations and music. If you’re feeling extra creative, pick up some large poster boards at a nearby bookstore and make signs with some seasonal greetings or create paper snowflakes. However, if you’re short on time, small things like red and green cups or napkins with holiday motifs will also work. Furthermore, decorate the room with some holiday lights, tinsel, and wreaths that will set the mood.

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4. Don’t forget about festive food and drinks

If you want to create a memorable Christmas party, you have to think about every last detail. Therefore, also the food and drinks you serve should be fitting to the holiday season and the theme of the party. For drinks, choose hot chocolate, eggnog, and gluhwein. Additionally, bake some holiday cookies – those will fill the room with the scents of Christmas.

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5. Bring different cultures together

If you have a group of international friends, you can make the Christmas party more special by asking everyone to bring something typical for their country’s Christmas. This is a great way to bring different traditions together as well as share your own customs. Moreover, it will help your guests feel more connected to their home even if they cannot be there this holiday season.

6. Include Activities

Are you throwing the party just to hang out with your friends? You can still make it more exciting with some holiday-themed activities. For instance, if you’re planning a smaller and more intimate party, organize a Secret Santa gift exchange. You can draw names beforehand or create a basket of cards with your guest names at the party to randomly assign everyone a person to give a gift to. Also, be sure to set a price limit for the gifts. However, if you don’t have enough spare time to plan this, choose other games that everyone can enjoy, like holiday trivia or card games.

Do you have a great Christmas party experience? Share it with us!

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