We Sorted Through Student Health Care Insurance Websites so You Don’t Have To

Do you ever have those days where you feel like all you're doing is tackling administrative tasks? Arrange this, sign up for that, do some research on those. It can feel like a never-ending cycle. Well, those days are over. We've found the best way to get student health care insurance fast and cheap. How? College Life is working together with United Consumers to get information about health insurance to you as efficiently as possible. You can compare health care packages that are ideal for students all in one place.

Our comprehensive video when you sign up will show you exactly how to navigate the United Consumers website. With a step-by-step tutorial, an optimal comparison tool, and extremely competitive prices, ticking one more task off of your to-do list has never been easier.

Student Health Care Insurance in the Netherlands

Health insurance is no small feat. The first step is to find out whether you need a Dutch health insurance. It's important for your well-being during your studies.

  • If you are a European citizen and have obtained a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), AND you are not going to be working in the Netherlands, then you don't need Dutch health insurance.
  • If you are not a European citizen, then you need to buy Dutch health insurance regardless of whether you'll be working part-time or full-time or not at all.

College Life and United Consumers recognize that this is an important service for you, and therefore we're offering the best quality at the best price. United Consumers purchases large amounts of healthcare services and thus can get discounts on regular health care services. Since United Consumers is paying less for the service, you do, too. This is how you can get healthcare of great quality at an even greater price.

On other Dutch health insurance websites, finding out what each package includes can be quite complex, especially when the website is in Dutch. This involves tediously comparing the specifications and fine print of each deal. At College Life and United Consumers, we know you don't have time for that. That's why we're offering you a way to quickly and easily obtain one of the most crucial services for your studies in the Netherlands. Finding time for arranging all the nitty gritty details of studying abroad no longer has to be a balancing act.

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Little to no hassle

The best part about United Consumers is the fact that it has a comparison system on its website, so you can look at the student health care insurance deals in one place.

  • All of the most important data is simplified into packages so you don't have to comb through an entire website for healthcare deal details.
  • You can filter healthcare service packages based on the amount of healthcare coverage you expect you'll need. For example, you can choose to add supplementary insurance ("aanvullende verzekering") for things like dental coverage, contacts and glasses, and emergency help abroad.

Your premium, of course, depends on the amount of coverage you choose. Although it may be overwhelming to see how much you have to pay every month, don't worry! The Netherlands has something called zorgtoeslag (healthcare allowance) which means you are subsidized by the Dutch government every month up to a certain amount (currently 95 euros). The government wants to make sure that healthcare is affordable for all of its residents, and this subsidy is one way of doing just that. This is the maximum you can obtain per month. As your income increases (if you have a job, for example) your subsidy will decrease. You can calculate your subsidy amount and sign up for healthcare allowance here.

Make your life easier and find the healthcare insurance package that best fits your medical needs and budget.

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