Shaman: elevating sales meetings to a new level

"A startup with an innovative idea to make sales meetings more accessible." This, simply put, summarizes Shaman in one sentence. Of course, there's so much more to it than just an innovative idea. It takes an entire team of passionate employees to elevate something that started as a simple idea, to a successful product. Would you like to learn more about Shaman and how to become a part of its team? Then keep on reading!

What is Shaman exactly?

In 2016, the idea behind Shaman was born. The team in charge of this innovative product had been encountering the same issue for a while: business meetings losing their narrative and focus. Anyone who has had to hold a presentation in his/her life has probably encountered this before; trying to get a point across, yet getting lost in your own words. Not only do you deviate from your core message, to make matters worse, you also lose your audience's attention. In business meetings, the same issue occurs. Sometimes it becomes a true challenge to stay focused on the core message and intention of the sales meeting for example. Shaman offers a quick and easy solution with its platform, completely adapted to the latest needs of every sales-oriented business. Its platform gives the option to all its users (within the same company) to make amendments and copy slides or even to comment in real-time. Through this, Shaman makes sure that every single member of the team grasps the matter and can contribute to the presentation. Sharing, commenting and amending a presentation has never been easier!

Why join Shaman's team?

Like every startup, Shaman is always looking to expand its team with motivated and energetic staff. However, Shaman is not just any startup. They truly embody the beliefs of innovation and excellent customer service. With their team (currently) consisting of six people, you can be assured to become part of a close and driven group. Explore current open vacancies of Shaman on our Job Board. Are you spontaneous and energetic, a fast learner and customer oriented? Make sure to check out the position and who knows, you might become part of the next big thing in the Netherlands!

The next big thing

Apart from having an innovative and dynamic company, Shaman possesses the right tools. With a clear website and great customer service, it fulfils the requirements for every successful SAAS business. In two years time of existence, they have already acquired big names in their portfolio (such as Delta Lloyd, Pfizer etc.). Make sure to not let this chance pass you by and become a part of a brighter and innovative future!

Shaman in the startup phases


Do you feel totally inspired after reading this article and wish to know more about Shaman? Make sure to visit their website.

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