7 Epic Reasons Why You Should Work For Deliveroo

Being a working student might be tough, but choosing the right job can make all the difference. So how about cycling for a living? It’s possible if you work for Deliveroo, an app and web food delivery business that lets people order takeaways from their most-loved local restaurants. As a delivery cyclist, you’ll be making money whilst using your smartphone and riding your bike (what you most likely already do anyway). And there are many other perks too.

Here are 7 most attractive benefits of working as a rider for Deliveroo.

Work for Deliveroo

1.Make good money

First of all, there are a lot of hungry people out there which will give you the opportunity to deliver lots of orders. You can work as much as you want, but more efficient work will increase your pay. If you use those “in-between-exams” or holiday periods wisely, you’ll be able to earn great money. And you get to keep all the tips too.

2. Work whenever you want

Furthermore, you should remember that it’s not only about earning extra cash but about balancing your work and study commitments too. You don’t want to find yourself struggling when the deadlines are approaching, do you? If you work for Deliveroo, you will never be obliged to work during your exam period. You will be self-employed and have all the flexibility and independence you want.

3. Stay fit

Late study sessions, countless cups of coffee, parties, beer-pong, Netflix and fast food...Let’s be honest, as a student, you’re probably not living the healthiest lifestyle. Having a job that allows you to be outside in the fresh air and even get a great workout doesn’t sound so bad. Work for Deliveroo as a delivery cyclist and you might even lose a couple of pounds or feel less guilty for ditching the gym. Convinced already? Apply now.

4. Find new friends

Are you new in town? This might be your best opportunity to meet new people outside the university’s setting. Most delivery cyclists are students just like you and many young people in your area will be the ones placing the orders. Hence, if you’re friendly and open-minded there’s a great chance you will grow your circle of friends in no time.

5. Get to know the city

Work for Deliveroo and you’ll basically get paid to ride around and enjoy your city. This is the best way to explore your area, discover new spots and neighborhoods. Moreover, it will make it easier for a newcomer to get to know the street names, shortcuts and most effective ways of getting around. 

6. Work for Deliveroo and receive discounts

Which student doesn’t like freebies and discounts? If you're familiar with living on a shoestring budget and trying to cut costs whenever possible, you'll be happy to hear that Deliveroo offers several deals for their riders. From reduced prices in bike stores to discounts in some great local restaurants, you’ll be not only earning money but saving some as well.

7. Make people happy

Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to put a smile on people's faces. Delicious food makes people happy and they’re even happier if someone delivers it to their doorstep. You can become a hero for all those hungry students out there who are craving pizza, burgers or fries but are too busy (or lazy) to get off their couches. They’ll definitely be happy to hear you ringing their doorbell!

Seems like your search for the perfect student job is over? It gets better - becoming a rider is extremely simple. Just download the Deliveroo rider app and start receiving tasks. Turn it off at the end of the day and get paid! Apply now - it takes only 5 minutes.

Do you already work for Deliveroo? Connect with us and tell about your experience!

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