7 Postgraduate Majors You Should Think Twice About

Education largely affects your career path & success. That is why you must be careful when picking your major. Don't join a major just because you are following a trend. The same applies to when you're planning to do your Masters. You should be extra wary of making this decision too. That is because not every Masters title gets your career going. If you're up for a postgraduate masters degree, make sure you know these facts about some of the most popular majors.

Looking for a postgraduate masters degree? Here are the 7 postgraduate majors you should consider & investigate further:


1. HRD Psychology

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The first postgraduate masters degree to consider is HRD Psychology. The HRD stands for Human Resources Development. This major is all about reading people in the business world. It is a pretty cool corporate job! Not because it pays out a lot. If you compare this to a fresh graduate's salary, it is only about €10,000 apart annually. Now you do know yourself that paying for a Masters is quite a lot. Not only that, you have to take into account the research studies which is also high. Annually, a postgraduate student with this major can have a salary of around €60,000. While a fresh graduate can get about €47,000.

2. Criminal Law 

Images of 7 postgraduate majors

The second major is Criminal Law. Now this major is a really cool one as it deals with prosecuting criminals! A lot of people want to have a masters degree in Law because with a bachelors' you can't do much. So, the costs of the study do not matter because it is for a good future. However, most postgraduates with this degree only get about €50,000 annually. The difference is only about €5000 between this and a standard fresh graduates' salary. More so, the risk of unemployment for this major reaches up to 4,5% for graduates and 4 % for postgraduates.

3. Graphic Design

Images of 7 postgraduate majors

The third out of the 7 postgraduate majors is Graphic Design. This major is where all the artsy and techy people are. However, you might want to rethink taking your masters for this major. The unemployment rate is actually really high! A number of 6,7% for fresh graduates and 6,4% for postgraduates. A person with just a bachelor degree can get about €50,000 per year. Yet, a postgraduate gets only a mere €9000 advantage for that amount per year.

4. Music

Images of 7 postgraduate majors

Are you creative and love everything about culture and art? Consider postgraduate masters degree in Music. If the world of music is your passion, then there is no problem with chasing a master's degree. However, if you just feel okay with it, then you might wanna know the following facts. The difference between a fresh graduate and postgraduate is only about €7,000. A person with a master's degree usually gets about €45,000 per year. While a person holding a bachelor's degree can earn up to €48,000.

5. Journalism

Images of 7 postgraduate majors

The fifth major is Journalism. A major for all those who love gossiping and writing about it. Just kidding! But seriously, the difference between a postgraduate and a graduate of this major is really small according to a survey. Not only that, postgraduates' have a higher unemployment rate - 6,2%. While the unemployment rate for fresh graduates reaches as high as 7,9%. The pay given to postgraduates are about €45,000 annually and for fresh graduates €42,000.

6. Chemistry Technician

Images of 7 postgraduate majors

The next postgraduate master's degree we introduce is Chemistry Technician. This major is basically about people providing tech support in the chemistry field. Not only is this a hard major to do, but the research studies are known to be very complex. Besides that, the pay gap between a graduate and postgraduate is not huge. Annually, a fresh graduate chemistry technician earns €80,000; while a postgraduate earns €85,000. So how about it? If your brain can still wrestle with this complex thing, then sure why not right?

7. Pharmacy

Images of 7 postgraduate majors

The last but not least postgraduate masters degree to consider is Pharmacy. Now, this is a really trendy major that gets a lot of people going! However, the gap between what graduates earn to postgraduates are only about €1,500 annually. Do you still want to get your masters in this major? A fresh graduate earns about €90,000 per year, while a postgraduate earns €92,000. Plus, there is a small rate of unemployment; 2,5% for fresh graduates, and 2,9% for postgraduates.

So guys, think twice before taking your masters for the 7 postgraduate majors above! 


Images of 7 postgraduate majors

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