Nightlife Spots in the Netherlands: The Miniseries #1 “Best of the Best”

Celebrating your birthday, end of exams, graduating from university, or a job promotion. Those are just some of the reasons on why people would like to enjoy a night out. Now the question is where should they go? Here in the Netherlands, nightlife spots are everywhere; there are good ones and bad ones. Certainly, you'd wanna go to good ones right?

Look no further because this article will bring you a list of the best nightlife spots in the Netherlands!


1. The Waterhole Live Music Bar, Amsterdam

If you like live music, then this is the place for you! They have a variety of music, ranging from jazz, rock and roll, even rap. Bands also usually have their gigs here; a perfect platform to showcase their talent! If you want a meal to go with that live music, there is a restaurant upstairs. Friendly service, cheap alcohol and food, plus live music? Yes please!

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2. Cafe Hill Street Blues, Amsterdam

Next,Cafe Hill Street Blues is the place to chill and avoid all the rowdiness from clubs. You get to drink their famous mint tea (which is absolutely refreshing!). Also, The café is very quirky: they have graffiti everywhere around the café. It still looks fancy though! Not too mention, they often have different types of events every day; there is always something new to look for! Plus, they sell their own merchandise like t-shirts and tote bags!

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3. Paddy Murphy's Irish Pub, Rotterdam

In Paddy Murphy's Irish Pub, you can enjoy live Irish music every night! All sport fans are also welcome as they have weekly sport shown live.  Also, there are regular traditional Irish musics every now & then. During open mic nights, you can sing your heart out with your fellow friends! And for those who love bingo, you can come on Mondays as it is bingo night then. Country and bluegrass lovers can come on Tuesdays.

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4. Millers, The Hague

Finally we have my personal choice, Millers. Located in the City Centre of The Hague, this place is an interesting one.  It is a restaurant in the morning till noon and a nightclub at night! Also, on Tuesdays, they have an event called "Tequila Tuesday". This gives everyone over 18 free entrance before 00:00 and a free shot of tequila!

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Now you know where to go to for a night out with your friends! Visit each one of these nightlife spots and tell us which one you think is better in the comment below! Also, visit our other article on day-life spots if you want to know where to go in daylight!

Images of nightlife spots

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