Although College Life may seem like it is just student or post-graduate oriented, employers can highly benefit from our website too! Our recruitment section offers all you could possibly need to find talent and improve your company as a whole: tips and tricks for hiring new talent, helpful articles on the importance of workshops and trainings, insights on how and why to host company events or even an overview of partner profiles! These are usually topics that tend to be overlooked by many, which is why we decided to highlight them. Sometimes, the solution lies in the smaller things, but here at College Life we got it all covered!

In 2017, over 80 thousand international students were enrolled in the Netherlands, with over 164 different nationalities. This opens an array of opportunities of new entry level graduates or interns. Although the recruitment of international students may seem tricky or daunting, College Life offers a solution. Our website forms not only a safe haven for international students all across the Netherlands, it forms a great point of reference on how to find talent as well! Our website offers the right knowledge and support to any business looking to expand their team, with an international scope. That is why, under the recruitment section, you will find a multitude of helpful articles which can guide you through the processes of finding talent, keeping that talent in your business, maintaining and improving the quality and skills of your employees, or even a breakdown on why it is actually important to celebrate milestones (for example, you will highly motivate your employees to keep pushing themselves further each time)!

College Life’s aim is to make the lives of thousands of students all over the Netherlands much easier, but also to push their careers to new heights. How does College Life aim to achieve this? By guiding companies on how to effectively find talent, how to keep this talent and how to help both their newly acquired employees AND the company grow. By doing so, we hope to gradually convince more and more Dutch companies to make the leap and find talent beyond what they’re familiar with. Why not give those enthusiastic, young internationals a chance and revamp the company at the same time? Luckily, you won’t have to look far for these graduates, since they’re present in large numbers in the Netherlands, and it does not look like these numbers will slow down any time soon. Recruiting international students is quite simple: it starts at College life!