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Welcome to the Netherlands! You've obviously made a great choice by choosing to study in Holland. You've gotten yourself here and you're ready to settle in. That's where we come in. College Life is here to make your freshman experience a year of smooth sailing. International students are our speciality, and here you will find nothing but useful information for your studies. With our student guides to everything imaginable, you won't be left missing much.

Being an international student often means having a long list of to-dos once you step on Dutch soil. Thinking about opening a bank account, applying for allowances, or getting a phone subscription can be a bit overwhelming. But College Life has come to the rescue.

In the Getting Started Guides category, you will find everything you need to know about getting started in the Netherlands. This ranges from practical information to more general guides that any international student will find useful. Nowhere else can you find all the information you need to settle into your studies than at College Life.

When you arrive in Holland, there are a few things you need to do when it comes to starting your new life. To start working down your checklist, check out our student guide posts. Here, you can browse practical matters like registering at a city hall or finding the best insurance for you. Then, there are other important things like finding a bike or using public transport. Because, after all, you can't do much in Holland if you don't have a bike!

In combination with College Life's extensive pages on everything ranging from finding a job to applying for allowances, you should be set to go. Navigate to this category to find anything a freshman absolutely needs to know during their first year in the Netherlands.

With College Life, you'll settle in in no time.

Getting Started Guides
Getting Started Guides
Getting Started Guides