Living with friends: the item at the top of your bucket list!

Semester classes sorted? Check. Last minute summer vacation booked? Done it. Living situation under control? If you’ve already completed the apartment search phase, you might have decided on living with roommates or a few of your best mates. Perhaps you had a great experience when it came to living with other college freshmen (due to our great roommate advice, of course), and you decided that’s how to want to continue living your life. Well, we are here to let you know that that is a great idea. Living with friends, or just other students, can be a terrific experience; you’ll have friends around you 24/7 and have someone to split costs with. Here are the top reasons you should be living with flatmates!

You’ll never feel alone

A simple fact of living with friends is that you will never feel alone! You’ll always have someone to talk to or go out with, or just hang out after class. Whenever you need anything, be it help with building pesky Ikea furniture or math equation-solutions, you always have someone handy.

Image of friends living with friends

You can split doing chores

Since you share a space, that means you share responsibility, too. Having a kitchen-cleaning rota (or even a day where everyone helps in one go) is a fool-proof way to make sure everybody does their part. Of course, you should do your own dishes and clean up your own messes; but shared spaces are everyone’s priority!

Everyday tasks become mini-parties

Cleaning the house and going grocery shopping? Sounds boring, right? But not if you’re living with friends; any mundane task becomes instantly fun. You can also cook together, which means lots of dinner parties (or lots of failed recipes and Domino's Pizza orders). What’s more, decorating your place together can have some surprising results. All of you want awesome new kitchen appliances, someone wants canary-yellow curtains, and someone else likes green carpet. But, the fun thing about living with friends is that you’ll have a mixture of people and ideas; your place will be as unique as the group of people living there!

Image of take out when living with friends

Guaranteed last-minute plus ones

If you’re on the fence about going to that party, or meeting those people for pre-drinks, you can always bring one of your flatmates with you! Your roommates are great as last-minute plus ones, since living with friends means you have people at your disposal (if they want to, of course). That also means you can go to events together, go out together, or just embark on spontaneous road trips every weekend. But remember, you should return the favour when your flatmates need a plus one…

Share costs and apply for housing allowance

Bills, bills, bills: story of our lives. However, with friends to split, sharing rent and other utility costs means less of a financial burden on you! The more people you share a home with, the less you will have to pay by yourself (unless you live in a mansion of some sort). Plus, a great thing about living with friends is that you can all apply for housing allowance! This means that the government will help you cover your monthly rent; sounds amazing right? There are a few requirements you need to meet, and additionally, you need to check whether you and your house mates are toeslagpartners.

Image of living with friends

Living with friends is great…

Because you always have someone to spend time with, and living with flatmates never gets boring. Sure, you might want your private space a bit more at certain time, and your toothbrushes getting stolen every few weeks can get frustrating. Maybe you feel like you want to live alone at times. However, living with friends is an essential part of university life; everyone should experience it at some point!

And what about living alone, how does that compare to living with flatmates? Check out our post about living alone to find out!

Do you have any amazing memories of living with friends? Let us know!