The best last minute holiday deals you’ll ever find

Summer is the time to travel; everybody knows that. You're done with exams, you are stress-free, and you are ready to explore somewhere new! Now, you may be reading this after your summer vacation has started, meaning you want last minute holiday deals. Maybe you've run out of things to do at home, or you've already visited the best places in the Netherlands with your bike. Or, you just deserve a really great vacation! Well, you've asked, and we shall are the best last minute holiday deals you'll ever find.

Find the best last minute holiday deals

Expedia NL

Expedia is one of the best websites for finding not only flights, but hotels, cars, and even tickets to events. There are more than 400 airlines and 510,000 bookable accommodations available, which means tons of choices to choose from. Because there are so many different search options, you can tailor your search to exactly what you are looking for! You can also get information about airport terminals, hotel check-in and -out times, flight status notifications, and maps. And that's just a fraction of what Expedia offers...


Looking for something more local and closer to home? What about booking and renting a holiday house? Belvilla has holiday homes in the Netherlands, as well as in Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Great Britain. You can choose from over 27,000 bookable homes, whether on the coast or in the city centre. Lots of choice, am I right?

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Weekend trips to remember

Let's get to planning, shall we? If you are looking for last minute holiday deals, the ideal trip would be a weekend vacation somewhere in Europe.

London, UK

London is probably on most people's travel bucket lists. As the UK's capital city, London is one the most-visited cities in the world. That means you also have to visit it, obviously (but no pressure, though). London is also a must-see, must-be for art and design, since there are countless museums and galleries; the Tates, the British Museum, and the National Gallery are only some of hundreds you can visit. There is also lots of history to see, seeing as London dates back to Roman settlements. But, there are more recent monuments you can visit that date back to the 15th century. This includes the Tower of London and Shakespeare's Globe. London is also amazing for shopping, since brands from all over the world have a place in this city. So, use the safe in the hotel to lock up your wallet, okay? Trust us, you'll need to.

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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, next to the Mediterranean, is probably one of the coolest cities in Western Europe. Moreover, it's probably iconic. You can take a tour of the infamous medieval cathedral of Sagrada Família, which is still being built even after 130 years. As the most-visited monument in all of Spain, Gaudí's passion project attracts over 2.8 million people each year. Or, you could visit any number of art and culture museums that Barcelona offers, like the Picasso Museum. You could continue with the Gaudí-streak and visit the Park Güell, which is made up of landscaped gardens and interestingly crazy architecture. Also, Spanish food. Do I need to say more?

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Stockholm, Sweden

Let's go to Scandinavia now, shall we? Stockholm has long been known for it's design and atmosphere, and each neighbourhood within the city has a unique sense of style, even if it's all part of the same city. Stockholm is the perfect weekend trip destination, because of it's size; not too big, but also enough to do for a couple of days. You can visit the Royal Palace, shop on the Kungsgatan (Kings-road) or look at some cool modern art at the Modern Art Museum. Gamla Stan (Old Town), one of Europe's best preserved Medieval centres, has historic buildings and small shops and restaurants. What could be better?

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Travel on a budget has never been easier with the best holiday deals! Book online at Expedia or Belvilla, grab a sturdy suitcase, and start packing! Don't forget sunscreen, your camera, killer sunglasses...

Do you have any amazing memories from last minute travels? Leave a comment!




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