Insurances You Need When Working

Living and especially working comes with a few new responsibilities. That includes getting work permits or applying for rent allowance, for example. Furthermore, you'll need the necessary student insurance, or a few. Whether it’s for healthcare or liability, there are lots of deals specifically for students that make it easy to decide which providers are best for you. We have outlined some of the most important types of student insurance you’ll need when working and where to get them.

Healthcare insurances

One of the most important, and mandatory, insurances you’ll need (whether you work or not) is health insurance (in Dutch, zorgverzekering). Basic healthcare can cost around €100 a month. Dutch health insurance can be split into 3 different categories: public health, private, or through an EU Health Insurance Card. You can sign up for healthcare insurance easily through College Life.

Image of healthcare insurancePublic insurance

You can buy public healthcare from almost any Dutch health insurance company, however this will only cover medical expenses. If you are working beside your studies, you’ll need to get health insurance; public insurance is a good option if this situation applies to you. A good thing about having public health insurance is that you are eligible to apply for healthcare allowance. Health insurance allowance (zorgtoeslag) means the government can compensate you for your monthly insurance fee.

EU Health Insurance Card

If you are an EU/EEA or Swiss national, you can get a European Health Insurances Card (EHIC). This can cover your medical costs whilst you are studying in Holland. However, there are requirements you need to meet like you can’t be working or be an intern in Holland, and you need to be insured through a healthcare system back in your home country. If you want to apply for the EHIC, you can do so in your home country. In conclusion, as long as you do not work in the Netherlands, you can get by with the EHIC. In case you do decide to start working, you’ll need to get Dutch health insurance.

Private insurance

If you don’t have an EHIC, and don’t need public insurance because you aren’t working, then you need to check if you need a private insurance. This type of security gives you more than just medical expenses; it can also cover things like physiotherapy or trips to the dentist.

Image of accident student insurance

Other types of student insurance you need to have

Liability and accident

Liability cover is for the event of you causing an accident. For example, if someone is injured or you damage someone else’s property, you are accountable for paying the damage costs. This also applies to breaking something in a rented room or even student housing, even if it’s an accident. In the case of causing damage while you are working, you are usually covered by employer liability insurance, or even the company’s. However, it’s always best to check with your employer just in case! You can get insurance for liability and accidents at Aegon, for example.

Repatriation and travel

This is for the possibility that you need to return home, perhaps if you or a family member is sick. This insurance can usually be covered by travel insurance. Just remember; this only covers going back home, not returning to the Netherlands. Reeal has great travel insurance that you should take a look at.

Image of travel student insuranceHousehold contents

This makes sure to cover damaged or lost items from your household, in case of burglary, fire or water damage. In these cases, your possessions can be insured. You can even get household student insurance (and a lot of other types) from Centraal Beheer. Moreover, with Centraal Beheer you are insured for damage, theft, and burglary, among others.

The social insurance system

If you are going to live or work in Holland, you might automatically become covered by the Dutch social system. This means you will be covered for old age pension and child benefit. However, this means you are no longer socially insured in the last country you lived. You can use this online questionnaire to find out if all of this applies to you.


The better student insurance you choose, and the most important ones you have, the better your working experience is going to be. With these options, you are sure to get the best cover for the best prices.