Key Resources and Useful Links

Here are some key resources should you ever need help in the areas of legalities and accounting and lax. Additionally, we have resources for coaching, including business and personal goal setting. You can read more about it below...

Student using legal assistance from key resourcesLegal

Van Ardenne and Crince le Roy is a law firm based in Rotterdam, who specialise in numerous fields of law. This includes administrative law, criminal law, penal and sanction law, and public liability law.

  • Criminal law: fraud, corruption, crisis, industrial accidents, corporate criminal law, financial and environmental criminal law.
  • Management and law, penalty and sanction practice: legal assistance for administrative fines.
  • Research practice: liability, problems or threatening penalties, fraud, integrity questions or repetitional risks.
  • Legal assistance for lawyers, notaries, accountants, tax consultants and medical professionals.

You can contact them here.

Accounting and Tax

Hartog Finance is a finance consulting company also based in the Rotterdam area. They specialise in financial and business advice, as well as financial administration of select SMEs. Hartog Finance also has multiple connections to tax experts and accountants, if you need help with those. Their clients range from private individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations.

You can contact them here.


Sandro da Silva is a business and lifestyle coach based in Rotterdam. Coaching can facilitate structure, support and feedback. Coaching can also help determine and translate goals, develop action plans and help you determine your actions and choices.

There are a lot of different people to whom coaching could apply. For example, you might be a recent graduate wanting to succeed in your new job. Or, you could be an international student wishing to be successful in their new cultural environment. Furthermore, you might also be a budding entrepreneur, wanting to build a strong and rewarding new business.

  • Business coaching: executive, corporate, leadership and entrepreneurship coaching
  • Helping the client create and carry forward a plan or strategy, achieve goals and work towards a successful business.
  • Lifestyle coaching: setting and reaching personal goals in areas including work, finance, health, relationships, education, recreation and spirituality.

You can contact him here.

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