5 Jobs for Students You Should Try Out Right Now

Let's talk about jobs for students. ‘Work’ and‘study’ may seem daunting when put together but being a working student is a great opportunity. Add international student to the mix and the experience becomes even more valuable, providing insight into Dutch working culture, a broader skill set, a valuable addition to your CV and a chance to meet some cool people. Working might also put the pennies in your pocket necessary for those weekend jaunts on Ryan Air. From a purely professional standpoint, a job will put you a step ahead in the career game and may even tip the scales in your favour when you go for that dream job. It may seem hard at first but being a working student simply requires balance, drive and perseverance. If you have all three, then you’re well on your way to working student life!

Here’s your go-to-guide on jobs for students you should try out right now.

1. Internships

Internships are ideal and the Netherlands is the perfect place to find one. Dutch companies offer positions specifically for enrolled students; these positions are often paid and it’s even possible to receive university credit. The egalitarian culture of the Netherlands means you’ll be afforded responsibility and accountability in the workplace (forget coffee runs and photocopying). This is great because not only are you earning money, you’re also spending this time figuring out your career path. Interning will provide you with valuable professional skills, help you stand out amongst your peers, and allow you to network for future employment. You’ll find the university career center and your professors are well equipped to aid you in this venture, so don’t be shy and go seek their assistance!

The College Life Job board is also a great place to stay up-to-date on internship opportunities. This board collates information about part-time jobs for students, internships and graduate-level placements specifically for international students—all this in one easily manageable location!

2. Language Tutor

Student jobs

Have you got language skills? Why not use them! The Netherlands is full of internationals, many of whom are eager to learn foreign languages and practice with native speakers. Share part of your culture or simply canvass your language knowledge and teach. You’ll find people often advertise in expat or student Facebook groups for tutors. There are also tutoring websites on which you can advertise your services.

3. Campus Jobs for students

Campus—your home away from home.

Campus jobs for students are ideal, mainly due to their convenience; you spend most of your time on campus already so you won’t waste time and money travelling to and from work.

The university offers a wide and diverse range of employment.

Take the University Library for example—there are often administration and filing jobs available, and occasionally positions open up in specific units such as the special collections. Professors also employ student research assistants. Many Dutch professors undertake research in English, so speaking Dutch isn’t necessary. Another really cool job on campus is as a student representative. These are great because you get to meet new people, improve your organisational abilities, and practice your language skills. Your university may even have an international student representative position. However, you’ll find these types of jobs for students are often quite competitive.

Check your university website for specific opportunities, or speak directly to university staff about potential openings. It never hurts to be a little assertive.

4. Entrepreneur

As of April 2017, the Dutch government is affording non-EU/EEA nationals the ability to start their own business. Yes, that’s right you can become your own boss. If you have a set of skills useful to the Dutch market and a desire for self-employment, then why not launch yourself into the thriving Dutch entrepreneurial scene. For example, take your graphic design, IT, writing or translating skills, and become a freelance business mogul. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, this is not an easy job venture. It will take a lot of hard work and may at times be intense and challenging. But if you’re one of those ambitious eager beavers with a keen interesting in running a business, then this might be the right opportunity for you.

5. Waiter / Waitress

Waitressing. It’s not a particularly exciting job, but it does have its perks. For starters it offers flexible hours, you can take a part-time position, Dutch is not always required, and the fast-passed environment leaves little time for boredom. And if you want, you can also practice your Dutch!

So what are you waiting for? Start applying, your student job is waiting!

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