5 reasons using job boards beats using a recruitment agency

One of the many questions that comes with finding a job is 'should I use a recruitment agency, or apply directly through the employer?' This question is especially relevant to all our recent graduates out there. Or, even those of you in your last year of study, thinking about your future. Well, we have the answer to this question. We think that using job boards far outweigh using a recruiter. Want to find out why we came to this conclusion? Then read on.

1. Job boards are the answer

One of the best ways to find a job, and apply for one, is through a job board. Job boards are great because they are usually extremely easy to use. You can also usually filter your search and be connected to the employers, fast. But maybe the best reason to use a job board is that you can see all prospective jobs in one place. What we mean is, when you are searching around online for hours and hours, searching for individual jobs and making your own list, you might be wasting your timeUsing a job board saves a lot of time; everything is right there, on one page.

It's actually been proven that some of the highest quality candidates are recruited from job boards. Not only is this great for employers, but it should also mean that these job boards are reliable for you to use. Furthermore, job boards are good for niche jobs. Niche jobs related to being employmed in specific fields or sectors. Or, just specific locations. For instance, the College Life Job Board is specifically for international students in Holland.

Additionally, you can even use a job board to research. If you are stuck on what you want to do after graduation, for instance, you can use search terms to explore different career opportunities. You can usually find more than one job in a specific area. So, you can find and look at related jobs to the one you think you want or are currently in.

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2. The College Life Job Board

The College Life Job Board is the leading job service for international students living and studying in Holland. We have a list of jobs available to you, right now. You can search for internships, part-time and even graduate jobs in specific sectors or locations. We connect you directly to the employer; no in-between hassle necessary. You can visit the Job Board here to search for your next job, or read about how it works. 

3. Your employer-employee relationship

Secondly, using a job board can also be beneficial to establish an employer-employee relationship. Applying and (possibly) interviewing shows your dedication and motivation to work for that company. Employers will always know better than any recruiter in terms of what they are looking for. Applying directly to an employer will also minimise any mistakes when it comes to the fit. To clarify, they have more insight whether you are a good fit for them, or they a good fit for you. All in all, applying directly to the employer, whether by yourself or through a job board, is always the best way to go.

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4. Recruiters take away from your salary!

Many recruitment agencies actually ask you to pay them a percentage of your salary if you land the job through them. Actually, not ask, but demand. They, essentially, might ask for money from your salary as commission. Standard recruitment costs can usually be between 15 to 20% of your first annual salary. Or, in cases where the coveted position is hard to fill, even 30%! Even though it is affecting your employer, you are still going to earn up to 30% less than you would have without a recruiter. Recruiters may also charge you for additional costs, like CV printing. However, if they are charging you for anything else you should immediately notice it as a warning sign.

This is the main reason recruitment agencies aren't the best fit for students. In their minds, it makes sense. Essentially, they are finding you a job and coaching you, which is a very valuable service. And rightly so. But as a student, especially, you obviously want to minimise any sort of loss of wages. After all, you are working hard to find a job and make your own money.

5. Recruiters won't invest in you

Many recruiters are competing with other recruiters, meaning they might be focusing on speed rather than quality. They might be focused on the competition rather than meeting your needs. Sure, they might get you to the top of the employer's CV pile, but it might not always be the right fit for you. They may not always have time to fully invest in you, so to say. But with a job board, you can truly invest in yourself. Furthermore, recruiters may work with a lot of companies, but they might not even be in your field. They are also the ones who decide which candidates to put forward for each job. Perhaps you miss out on something you might want to apply for, but they don't think you fit.


Of course, there are some good sides to using recruiters. For one, they might have more insight on competition or salary range. In short, things the employers might be hesitant to tell you. Additionally, they  also have a lot of connections, meaning they might get you further, faster. And, if you're a graduate, you might want to test it out. However, from what you've read today, you're probably coming to the same conclusions as we are. Namely, that job boards are the way to go. As a student, this is the best use of your time (and money).

Do you have any experience with recruiters? Or job boards? Let us know!

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