Internship Hunting in the Netherlands: The Fool-proof Guide

Internship hunting. The thing 3rd or 4th years must do in order to complete their year. The type of internship to choose depends on your field of interest. Entering the era of globalization, internship opportunities in companies become much more extensive. However, you have to compete with other prospects just to be accepted as an intern.

The following tips will surely help you find your dream internship


1. Know what to look for 

Before deciding to apply for an internship, you should know exactly what to look for in a company or during an internship program. It would be better if you apply to a company or a position within your field of interest. If you already know what to look for, self-evaluation about what can be given to the company. Knowing the company criteria would make you a shoo-in for the position!

2. Range is key

Challenge yourself by taking longer internships than what the company offers. If the company generally offers the program for three months, try an internship for 6 months. Some companies would regard this act of extension as a sign that you have a full-commitment towards the company. Two things would happen after this: either they give you the extension, or they would simply say that they have to stick to their company policies. On other occasions, they would usually say that they would get back to you on the issue. It doesn't hurt to try right?

3. Upgrade your CV

Just like job applications, you would also need to upgrade your CV to apply for an internship. Make sure that you prepare your CV and motivation letter as interesting as possible. Companies usually choose on the basis of this. Also, make sure that you structure your CV properly. 

For a guide on how to properly structure your CV, click here!

4. Meet new People

Having an acquaintance in one of the companies you're applying to would increase your chances of being accepted as an intern. Especially if the acquaintance is an alma mater from your university too. If not, for example you can see the information of the top ranking employees through their professional social media profile, such as through their LinkedIn.

5. Reach out to your network

If you already have a network in the company, try to start a conversation with those individuals. Who knows, you can get actually get an appointment. Preparing yourself well will increase your chances of getting an internship. For example, try to make a chat with your boss or colleagues!

Mastering these internship hunting skills is not easy, but it's also not impossible. Be fearless. Take risks.

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