Why studying with international students will change your life

One of the best, and we mean best, reasons to study in Holland is the sheer amount of international students that make up the campus populations. Over 800,000 international students (that means non-Dutch) study in the Netherlands. That means that international students are the moths to the Dutch flame (that kind of worked, right?). Bad jokes aside, there is no better time for being an international student in Holland than right now. As a foreign student, you aren’t only experiencing Holland with new eyes, but you are meeting students from all over the glob!. Whether you’re a full-time student or preparing to study abroad in the Netherlands, here are a few reasons why studying with international students will change your life:

Image of international student friends

International students break down cultural boundaries

One of the best things about studying with such a multitude of different cultures and types of people means that international students fosters open-mindedness. Being a student from your own country, you might not have been exposed to people from so many distinctive places, or perhaps you went to an International School. Either way, being around many cultures makes you, even forces you, to broaden your cultural awareness. What’s more, stereotypes get broken down and more love and respect is encouraged! Well, some stereotypes will always remain true for a reason...

Image of international students on campus

You’ll meet lots of new people...

Speaking of different people, it’s a guarantee that you’ll encounter more than a few personalities. Some cultures value specific traits, and others emphasize certain morals. You might make a friend group where each individual comes from a different continent, or your new roommates will be home from the other side of the world. The more, the merrier, wouldn’t you agree?

...and even learn a new thing or two

Because of the mixture of people, you’ll learn about more cultures and customs that you ever knew you could. You might learn about history, or cultural events, or even try a new dish. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a new language. Being surrounded by student from all corners of the world can be an enriching experience that might spark new interests in you. Moreover, you get the chance to share your culture with everyone else, too!

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You have a bright future ahead of you

It is not unknown that we live in an international world which is becoming more diverse every single day. With that in mind, you aren’t only exposing yourself to more friends and experiences, but you’re learning to prepare yourself for an international career in your seminar rooms. Since a lot of Dutch universities place strong emphasis on team work, you’ll have the chance to work in groups of students with different nationalities and backgrounds. Therefore, you'll learn about various types of working methods, insights, and knowledge that you can apply if you want to have an international career. Most international students who study abroad choose to pursue a career in an international company or around the world. Your future’s looking bright, isn’t it?


Convinced that studying with international students will change your life? We are! Studying with students from around the world and being able to experience an international environment can be one of the best things about your college career. Plus, once your semester is over, you can easily book yourself a flight and visit all your international friends abroad!

What are your experiences studying in an international environment? Join the conversation!