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Product & Service Deals

College Life not only offers extensive information and advice, but refers you to product & service deals for every aspect your studies. Under Deals, you can find products and services for Finances, Telecommunication, Housing, Insurances, Shopping and Travel. Under Finance, browse deals relating to banking and loans. If you are looking for Insurance, you can find deals for healthcare, legal aid and much more. Under Housing, read about deals for services like home utilities. If you are looking for Shopping, you can find fashion and shoe retailers and under Travel, read about holiday and travel deals to plan your next vacation.

Finance Your Studies

Finding the right financial aid for your studies can seem a bit daunting, but College Life provides the most extensive articles on taking care of your finances in Holland. Here, you can read articles relating to Financial Aid; Scholarships, Student Finance, Allowances, Loans and Insurances. Read more about scholarships specifically for international students or how to take out loans to fund your studies. Under Allowances, you can browse information relating to rent and healthcare allowance, and under Insurances you can find details about what insurances international students need. Under Student Finance, you will find a comprehensive guide to understanding what student finance is, what is included, what the requirements are and how to apply.

Find a Job Through College Life

College Life understands that finding a job is a priority. The College Life Job Board exists to help international students find and apply for jobs within the Netherlands. The Job Board allows you to connect directly with employers offering internships, part-time and graduate jobs. Moreover, you can browse topics relating to finding a job, student entrepreneurship, and labor law. You can find out how to search for, and find, internships as well as part-time and graduate positions. Under Student Entrepreneurship, you can read about starting your own business and how to structure your company. In Labor Law, read about contracts, working insurances, working permits, and payroll tax deduction. The Jobs Blog provides you with even more in-depth information relating to working in the Netherlands.

The Magazine for International Students

In the College Life Magazine, expect to find topics ranging from job interview advice to must-see college movies. Specifically for international students, the College Life Magazine covers anything and everything you'd want to know about life in the Netherlands. In Culture & Entertainment, read about entertainment and how to get the best out of Dutch culture. In Career, you can find posts about optimizing your career search and how to have the best working experience. In Education, expect to find articles relating to campus life and achieving success in your studies. In Housing, we cover topics relating to roommates and lifestyle. In Travelling, read about the best places to see in Holland and where your next travel destination should be. In the Getting Started Guides, read our in-depth guides for students of all years in the Netherlands. Here, you can also read about practical matters such as how to which phone subscriptions to get or how apply for a debit card. In Finance, you will find articles relating to financial aid, living costs, insurances and more.

Find your New Student Home

High demand for student accommodation in the Netherlands can often make it difficult for students to find a new home in sought-after locations at affordable prices. Through College Life Housing you'll not only be able to search for student housing, but you'll also have the opportunity to dive into a variety of important housing topics. Using our complete student housing guide, you'll learn about furnishing your home, avoiding scams, applying for allowances, finding the right roommates, understanding taxes, municipality registration and much more. Using the Housing Allowance Tool, you will be able to calculate the percentage of your rent the Dutch government is willing to subsidize. And under Utility Deals, you will be able to compare utility providers for your new home.