Home workout secrets: this is how you do it

It's no secret that exercising is good for you. Especially for students! Exercise makes you concentrate better, retain information better, and relieves stress. All great reasons to work out! Maybe you are thinking of investing in some weights, or want to know what kind of workout gear you need. In this post, we'll cover some of the best equipment to make your home workout experience A+++.

Image of student doing a home workout

Get the right gear

First of all, you’ve got to look the part. There are a few workout basics that everyone needs. For girls, that includes a sports bra, leggings, shorts and a top. For guys, think about a pair of shorts and a top. Oh, and shoes, of course! Whether you are going for a run or doing a home workout, shoes are essential. Get a good pair with good grip and that are comfortable; you don’t want to get blisters while doing sit-ups… You can find great ones at Sarenza.

Don't break your back

A workout or yoga mat is really hand to have because you have a surface to work out on. You can do all sort of exercises on in, from lying on your back or on your side, doing pushups, or doing a yoga sequence. It’s a whole lot better to have a mat than use a towel or buise your back bone on the floor… It is also good to have if you want to go to classes where you need a mat! This workout mat is a perfect option.

Wait, where are your weights?

Weights are another workout staple that are great for any type or level of workout. You can buy small weights that you can store under your bed or in a closet, and whip out when it’s time to use them. Weights are good for any sort of exercise, especially for muscle training, because you can get them in all types of sizes. You can find 1.5kg, 2kg, 3kg, among lots of others.

Image of light weights

Home workout extras...

There are so many different types of equipment you could get. And coming from a gym noob (you didn't read that), this post will never touch on all of them (or with great expertise). However, there are a few other things you could get to really fire up your workout experience. For instance, a gym ball is good for any level of workout. Or, how about a skipping rope for your cardio?

If you’re really fancy, get machines

Another way to really make your home workout experience great again (ha...) is to get your own equipment. And we aren't talking about no weights... This is the real deal. You can get a stationary bike, to work on your cardio, or maybe a cross trainer. Yeah, they may be a bit of an investment, but it's worth it if you are serious about working out at home. Especially if you want to make your mini home gym your regular place for exercise. Of course, a cheaper alternative is to put on your running shoes and go out for a jog, or do some hard-core biking!

Don't sleep on it

Because you aren’t going to a gym, it’s easy to sleep in in the mornings or keep pushing back your workout. However, the best way to get going and discipline yourself is making your home workout part of your morning routine! Set yourself a time in the morning when you want to do your workout, or workout at a set time each day (or whatever day you are working out). You can read more about acing a productive morning routine here.

Image of man running on a bridge

Obviously, you could just as well go to your local gym and workout there. Exercise doesn't have to cost much. However, if you are someone who likes working out at home or you want a quicker overall process, working out at home is great! Starting with a mat and a resistance band is a good way to build yourself up. You can check out more fitness equipment at Coolblue, one of the biggest retailers for electronics and home equipment!

Do you have any tips on building the best home workout? Let us know!