Sign Up for Dutch Health Insurance for International Students

You need it wherever you go: health insurance. More than that, it needs to give you substantial coverage at a reasonable price. I know you're thinking that that seems a little paradoxical, but I'm telling you, it's possible to find Dutch health insurance for a good price. Here's how, and how you can sign up.

  • First of all, Dutch health insurance is affordable because of a wonderful thing called healthcare allowance. This provides you with a subsidy of around 95 euros per month from the government. This is called "zorgtoeslag" and can your expected subsidy amount can be calculated and obtained here. Nice, right?
  • Secondly, health insurance in the Netherlands is government regulated. All companies have the option to purchase basic health insurance ("basiszorgverzekering") and supplementary insurance ("aanvullendeverzekering"). You can pay from around 95 euros per month for your insurance, depending on your deductible and the supplementary insurance you choose to purchase.
  • Finally, College Life has found the best health insurance provider for students. It's quality insurance at an unbeatable price, and it can be yours in just a few minutes. Sign up here.

College Life & United Consumers

College Life is working with United Consumers to bring you the best health insurance services at the best prices. And instead of investing a whole day in comparing a multitude of websites and millions of companies, you can sign up in a matter of minutes.

United Consumers finds the best health insurance option for you, and provides you with a discount on the already very competitive prices. United Consumers is able to provide this discount because it acquires a large amount of healthcare service in bulk, and pays less per unit because of the large amount it purchases. This reduction in cost is then offered to you, the consumer, to make healthcare more affordable. This means the quality of your health insurance is not compromised in order to achieve lower prices. You won't find these competitive discounts anywhere else, so why even bother looking anywhere else? It's a relaxing thought.

Furthermore, United Consumers lets you compare healthcare package sizes that are right for you all in one place. Each package size and coverage level is explained in detail and prices are clear and low.

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Who needs Dutch health insurance?

Not everyone who comes to study in the Netherlands needs to purchase healthcare insurance. This relies on where you're from, and what you plan to do in the Netherlands.

  1. If you're an EU citizen and already have insurance in your home country, then you may use this insurance in the Netherlands. However, you must first obtain an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). This can be obtained free of charge from your government, but you must apply for it. With this card, you will be covered in any European country for medical costs under your home country insurance.
  2. If you are an EU citizen and decide to work in the Netherlands, then you need to purchase a Dutch health insurance. Otherwise, you cannot be employed.
  3. If you're not from the EU, then you must purchase a Dutch health insurance. Everyone in the Netherlands is required by law to be insured. This accounts for you regardless of whether you will be working in the Netherlands or not.

So how can you sign up? It's simple. Let College Life lead you through the United Consumers website with an English tutorial video. In this way, you can get started immediately and skip the issue of a language barrier. With this extensive tutorial video and great prices just a few clicks away, there's no reason not to choose United Consumers today.

Get insured at a price that'll make your health and wallet happy.

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